Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm here! I'm Alive!! I'm Fabulous! And I'm exciting :)

Greetings, blog land!!! J

I know, it’s been like, forEVER since I’ve written, and it’s not because I lack the subject matter!!  No, it’s just because I’m slack.  Well – there’s this whole moral conflict going on.  When I write, I feel guilty that I haven’t written to the twins, so I do that instead, and basically, their missions, are ruining my blog.  But don’t worry too much, because my fabulous sister Abby has written all the things you need to know about, on her blog!  Isn’t that great? 

I should just say a few words about Abby…

If you don’t love her, it’s because you don’t know her.  If someone hit her with a car and ran, it’d be because they didn’t know her, because if they did, they’d totally stop, because she rocks my socks!!

Speaking of which, I got hit by a car the other night!!! It was a hit and run, and a little vicious.  I wasn’t even on the road – they swerved and were either drunk or texting or crazy or vengeful (we’re not sure)!  I was kind of carried along by their car for a little bit, and then I was suddenly in front of my car on the ground, very confused, my shoes a few houses a way each in the opposite direction.   I am badly bruised and shaken, but miraculously alive, and with no broken bones.  Some serious angel intervention.  Anyway, Abby wrote about me here.

What else have I done??  Oh well a few days before I was hit by a car (insert audience gasps here), my other little sister, whatshername… oh Bethany – gave birth!  Such a beautiful sweet little new niece, called Hallie!  Yay!!! J  You can read about her here (if you’re a member of Abby’s private blog… if you’re not, she’d totally be happy to add you as long as you’re not a freaky stalker).

Before that, Abby and I went to see Annie!!  I was going to write ‘went into town to see Annie’, but I already kind of live here, so it sounded a little weird.  Anyway, Abby wrote about it here.

I’ve also been scattering some good old Kikki-k kindness and love!  You can read about that, here.

And while we’re talking about scattering love – Tim McGraw certainly scattered his at the concert he put on with his wife recently!  I would know, I was in the FRONT ROW!!!  Seriously!  We rocked out – you can read all about it here.

I really enjoyed watching this little validation movie, too J

So you see?  I’m not really boring – it just sounds like it on my blog, because it’s been blank for three months!! But don’t worry – I’m TOTALLY living with sunshine chilling out in my soul J  Maybe when the twins get back from their missions I’ll be better.. J

Thank goodness Abby’s been writing about our adventures though – have I mentioned what an awesome sister she is?? J