Monday, May 2, 2011

Things I'm planning to write about...

... When I have some time.

1) My new house
2) My day in Sydney with Bethy
3) The twins going on their missions
4) Easter
5) My thoughts on being single
6) New career options (basically things that will make me a lot of money, but
without requiring a lot of time.... it's currently an unfortunately short list)
7) Andre Reui concert in Adelaide with Grandma
8) Keith Urban (and Lady Antebellum) concert with Abby
9) Cousins dinner
10) Mothers day outing with Mum
11) October Holiday with Jenny
12) An essay on QLD as the ultimate holiday destination (in an attempt to lure
overseas friends here)
13) Baby girl Easthope #2

Some of those things haven't even happened yet. Can you believe how ahead of the game I am in coming up with blog post topics?! lol!

Okay, so odds are you'll never hear about all of them *sad sigh*. Maybe let me know what topics interest you the most, and I'll write for my audience... if indeed, it turns out that I have one.... lol!

xo Tammy