Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Yesterday was Monday. But by the time I got home, I felt like it had been Monday multiplied by infinity.

Today was Tuesday. But in the car on the way to work they played 'Just another Manic Monday' on the radio.

They cursed my day.

Thanks for nothing 97.3.

xo Tammy

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Oliver's throwing up
Ben's throwing up
Bethany's throwing up
Dad's throwing up
Mum's tummy is churning

I'm washing my hands with scalding hot water ever 30sec and yelling words of comfort from a distance.


xo Tammy

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Don't worry, I'm not still at the airport!

Okay, so I haven't written at all since I got back from my holiday! Sorry fans :(

I think there just keep being so many things I could write about, that blogging suddenly becomes really daunting and I start to feel like I'll never have time to write everything down in a post (which is strangly ironic, since I'm pretty sure I write some of the longest blog posts on the planet... pretty sure only my mother makes it to the end of some of them).

So I guess I'm hoping that this little post will break the ice, and I'll got back to writting as frequently (though perhaps not as entertainingly) as I did while I was on the holiday :)

Wish me luck! haha!

xo Tammy

PS. My favourite family quote since I've been back definately goes to Bethany. On the night I got back, dad cooked a delicious lamb roast (Sorry Tom Cruise, won't be able to make it tonight), and Bethany turned to me and said "What animal is a lamb again? cow, right?". Total classic! LOVE YOU BETHANY :)

PPS. We have the busiest month and a half coming up here at the Munro house: House renovations (leaky plumbing and termites - eek!), Bethany's engagement party, Family and Friends camp up at Mt. Tamborine (which we're organizing, so heaps to do), and then Bethany's WEDDING on June 25th. So all my 'new goals' for my 'new life' back fresh from my holiday will probably actually start in July :) But we'll have a lot of (stress filled) fun before then I'm sure. And then of course just the usual business.

PPPS. I've been released from YW, and called as the new Gospel Doctrine teacher in my ward. I'm sad to not be working with the YW anymore, and a little daunted by the whole 'teaching the adults the old testiment' thing. But I'm loving the oppertunity to spend the time studying and learning from the Old Testiment. It's so rich with applications. Last time I taught gospel doctrine (at BYU), it was the Old Testiment as well, so I'm pretty excited to be learning all over again that this book we're all scared of is actually one of my favourites :)

PPPPS. And yes, mum, I know not 'everyone' is scared of the Old Testiment.... lol!

PPPPPS. Back at the exercising. KILL ME! :) Truth be told though (and this is just between you and me, since I'd never admit to this public), it actually feels good! (gasp!)... but don't think I'm going to start liking vegetables anytime soon.... :)

PPPPPPS. Abby came had lunch with me at work in the park on Thursday - so fun!

PPPPPPPS. Sorry about the overused PPS's. You may think I should really make all of the above part of the body of my post. But then, I'd have to find connecting sentences that somehow connect all of these random thoughts.... nobody expects connecting sentences between PS's.... do they?!


Saturday, May 1, 2010

I'm coming back home....

I can't believe it, but my holiday is over today.

I'm so so so sad to be leaving the Cooks. It has been WONDERFUL to see them all - especially Brecken of course. I've loved NY too, but if they'd been living in some random American town in the middle of nowhere (Los Lunas, New Mexico, for example), then that's where my holiday would have taken me - so I'm very grateful that they live HERE :) I'll probably hold it together through our goodbyes, and then cry my eyes out on the plane (blowing my nose on the sleeve of the person next to me, no doubt). I'll miss Brecken a whole lot. I know all of their friends and family are praying that Justin will get a job now that he's graduating, but they'll have an aussie down under praying that he gets a job in AUSTRALIA... preferable Brisbane... Now there's an incentive for me to be extra righteous from now on - because I'd really like to have that prayer answered.

I'm also really excited to get home and see my family and friends too though. So it's a real mix of emotions today. I never thought I'd say this, but after 5 weeks of traveling and suitcasing, I'm ready to get back to things (maybe not WORK, but you know, everything else - haha!). I have LOVED being on holidays, and you all know what a WONDERFUL time I'm having, but I've been feeling just a LITTLE guilty lately about all of this responsibility-free FUN! I think I'll feel better when I'm back to being a human-being who contributes to society rather than just perpetually holidaying :)

I expected this holiday to be a great one, but to be honest, I really didn't expect it to be as totally wonderful as it has been. My head feels clearer, my goals for the future have become more defined, ghosts have been put to rest, adventures (to the power of infinity) have been had, new places have been seen, copious amounts of delicious food has been consumed (diet starts again on Monday!), multiple items have been purchased (including clothing that won't fit for another several kilos - ego, diet starts again on Monday), wonderful wonderful friends have been visited, soul has been energised, and about 5 years of laughter has been crammed into 5 weeks.

I'm such a lucky, luckily, lucky girl. It really has been the trip of a lifetime, and I'm very grateful for the opportunities and the experiences.

So that's it for now folks. Brecken and the boys and I will head out not for an hour or two to get some of that Artopolis ice cream, and then I'm off to the airport (extra suitcase in tow).

I'm assuming a family member is still planning to pick me up from the airport early on Sunday morning.... right? My travel details are up on the cupboard, but just in case Mum's put them away in a cupboard and no one can find them, I'll be touching down at 6:25am Sunday morning.... could someone please pick me up?! :) :) :)

Thank you! See some of you again soon!
xo Tammy

PS. To those of you living in Brisbane who are NOT my family: If a week goes by and you still haven't seen a new blog post, could one of you maybe do a drive by the airport and check that I'm not still sitting there?

Day Eleven: Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island

Subway trip to the end of the line
Battery Park
Statue of Liberty (with Audio tour)
Ellis Island - lunch, tour, and last ferry of the day
Subway home - when you get on early, you get a seat!
Indian takeout delivered
30 Rock and bed!

WATCH THIS SPACE - I'll add details when I have time :)

Day Ten: Broadway Take Two

'In the Heights'
Time Square
Hersey Factory & M&M Factory & Other shops
Dinner with Uncle Mal & Aunty Judy @ Famous Famiglia Pizza
Dessert on Time Square - no scrap that - Dessert at home ;)
Talking late

WATCH THIS SPACE - I'll add details when I have time :)

Day Nine: Shack Shack, Maceys & Book Club

More Rain
Shake Shack
Maceys - 9 floors over an entire city block & shoes as far as the eye can see
Hors d'oeuvres for dinner
Plans to go to Organ Concert @ St. Johns
Book Club

WATCH THIS SPACE - I'll add details when I have time :)

Day Eight: Shopping & Jazz

Frog Princes & Relaxing at home
Grocery Shopping @ Fairway
Smoke Jazz Club - Dinner & Quartet & Jam Night
Home at 1:30am

WATCH THIS SPACE - I'll add details when I have time :)

Day Seven: Church in Manhattan

Musical Sacrament meeting
B&J's lessons
Catching up with friends
Homemade Pizza

WATCH THIS SPACE - I'll add details when I have time :)