Monday, August 15, 2011

Abandon Ship!

Okay, for several different reasons (including the rats in the roof, the smells, the dead rat (or worlds largest hairball shaped EXACTLY like a rat... but we're pretty sure it was a dead rat) I pulled out of my shower drain the other week, the worlds dodgiest real estate agents, and the plague of horse flies that are coming down through the vents from the roof where they're obviously feeding on whatever the rats left behind (we've all become expert horse-fly-killing-machines!)).... We have decided not to renew our lease.

We're moving on Wednesday!

It's an old house with granny carpet and cork floors (which I don't like at all), so it's not nearly as nice as the current one. But it's got great views and awesome decks and verandas, it's 4 times the size, it's a little cheaper per person, and it (fingers crossed) doesn't have any rats!

*please, everyone, knock on wood*

Watch this space for photos, and wish us luck!

xo Tammy