Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We played the Tennis Ball game in FHE last night...

... For almost an hour and a half!

I hate that game!

Like, really hate that game!

But, it was kind of funny that it took us that long. And we did laugh. A lot.

In between the crying. And the attempts at quitting. And the beating Oliver up when he dropped the hundredeth ball at the 54 minute mark.

(We really did kind of beat him up... He ran for shelter in the entry way and we all followed him and tickled him with a fury. Except Dad. Who was too tired because we'd been playing the game for so long. So he stayed where he was and tried to emotionally deal with the fact that we'd have to start all over again! But Dad did assure us that he was harrassing Oliver in spirit)

... LUCKILY I finally put everyone out of their misery and caught the hundredeth ball again. Excellently thrown by Oliver, might I add :)

I reckon it'll be three or four months before Dad let's mum pick the game again though...


xo Tammy