Saturday, January 23, 2010

Abby Update...

The poor girl is still going :(

She went into labour on Thursday night, and it's now 4:30pm Saturday afternoon. Thursday night the contractions were 6 minutes apart, but then they'd move back to 15 minutes or an hour apart, than back to a couple of minutes - they just won't settle. Last night at about 11:30pm, they finally went to the hospital. And contractions were a little more regular. But then by this morning, they'd backed off a little, and they took her into the ward to keep going there (not before she heard 5 other babies be born!.... she was telling me about one lady who's screams were so loud for about an hour, followed by a couple of minutes of sailor-like-swearing, followed by the wonderful sound of a baby's cry!).

Mum's been up at the hospital on and off, but Bethany and I went to see Abby (and James) for about 20minutes earlier today. She's doing so wonderfully - but she just looks exhausted. She was having contractions pretty constantly while we were there, and she was trying them standing up with James holding her up for support. When she first saw Bethany and I she was just coming out of one, and her first exhausted words were "It's so much worse than I thought. You're screwed. We're all screwed". It was just a little bit funny although I'm pretty sure she was being serious :)

Anyway, we took her some flowers and tiny pink baby clothes (to remind her that Maggie will be more fun once she's born), and Bethy got James some food. It was just nice for us both to be able to giver her some sister love and a tiny bit of sister-support. We've both been worried about her, so I'm glad mum suggested the visit. Her water had just broken when we got there, so we were all hoping things would start going faster (that was several hours ago now though).

Mum's just headed up to the hospital again. They've just moved her into a private room again(she's progressing and needs a little more privacy), but they still haven't taken her back to the birthing suite, so there's obviously some more work left to be done. Oh, and Maggie's posterior, so that's not very good news either. On the other hand, she's moving around a lot in there, and
seems to be doing just fine - so that's good news.

So there's the update. My heart is really aching for her, but she's being so brave and doing so well (when I said that to her, she said "I'm not doing well, look at me!" but I did, and I still think she's doing wonderfully). Thanks for all of your prayers and support, I know she really appreciates it. Hopefully a little later tonight everything will be over, and the mum part can start for her :)

xo Tammy

PS. Oh, other highlight of the day: seeing Bethany's face when I answered her "What does 'only 2cm dilated' mean?" question.... :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Abby's in Labour...


SO exciting :) Can't wait to meet little Maggie!

If you've got a moment, say a little prayer for mother and bub :)

More details to follow no doubt....

xo Tammy

Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Post Coming Soon

I promise!


xo Tammy

PS. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that the new year is looking completely fantastic for you!