Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A few little thoughts & updates

1) Sorry - I know. I've been really slack! Not only have I not written on my own blog for a week and a half, but I hadn't looked at anyone else's blog so:
- I didn't realize that Chris was getting baptized! Ahhhh! Such wonderful wonderful news.
- I missed 4 whole days where I could have been counting how many times per day I see a cow, and
- I missed Brecken's Birthday! *gggrrrr*. Brecken I love you! Happy birthday :)

2) I was remembering the other day, that we're entering birthday season! yay! Brecken, Justin, Emily, Jess, Abby - I believe you all have birthday's coming up. I remember abby's (because it's exactly 3 weeks before mine), but I'm notoriously bad at remembering birthdays, so if you could all just comment or email me your birthdates, I'd be very grateful. I love birthdays :)

3) On Saturday, I got my hair cut and coloured! It's wonderful :) I love a change, and the lady did a really great job, so I'm feeling very happy.

4) I also joined the gym last week. (We'll have to do this together Brecken!). It's turning to Summer here, and it's the perfect time. As I drive home from work I always pass people running and biking, so this way I can get 'in the mood' as I drive home, and then just before I get home, I drive to the gym instead :) Ask me how it's going in about 2 weeks...

5) Any day now, I'm going to become an Aunty! Jessima is now 3 days overdue, and we're all very very excited! I'll let you know the second it happens!

6) On Monday this week, I got to work and decided I didn't want to be there! So I took Wednesday and Thursday off. Exciting, huh?! I've got my days chockablock with errands and tasks that I've been wanting to do for a while now, so I'm very excited!

xo Tammy


breckster said...

I am going to start saying "chockablock" on a regular basis. (I was typing from my memory and wrote chalkablock and the little red line that says this is not a word came up, but chockablock is a word. So now I really am going to use it and use it.)

I went to the gym today, and did three miles on the bike. I but we 98% humidity right now so it was pretty miserable, even though it is starting to cool down. Hana oh Hana, you are giving us A LOT of rain.

I got my hair cut too! and she asked if I had ever colored my hair, and was shocked that I never had. I think I will have to wait till I go gray (because some of us don't start doing that at 21.)

Hurray for taking days off!

Tammy Lorna said...

"because some of us don't start doing that at 21"? Ooooooooooo! :P


I've been to the gym a few times already now - just on the treadmills and stuff - but I have my assessment on Saturday, so that will be good.

Did you go much shorter on your hair? Mine's longer than that time in the states when I cut it all off, but it's much shorter than before, and it's all layered, so it's a fun haircut. Now I'm just trying to figure out how to do my hair the same way the hairdresser did it *sigh*

I'm reading the twilight books (after everyone raving about them so much!) I'll let you know what I think :)

xo Tammy

emilysuze said...

1) I was a little sad that you weren't able to add input about a perfect song for Chris's baptism, but life gets busy. :)

2) So you need to post a picture of the new hair so that we can all admire it!

3) I've started going back to the gym as well! I'm going 4 miles on the elliptical in the morning and another 3 miles at night with one of my friends. I'm already chubby and I'm scared of gaining more weight with this baby.

4) I agree with Brecken, "chocablock" is awesome and I want to start using it!

Tammy Lorna said...

Brecken, you and I should all call ourselves 'the gym bunnies' :)

And I'm sorry about Chris' baptism post :( I would have replied if I'd read it! :)

xo Tammy