Wednesday, October 1, 2008


It's 10 minutes past nine in the evening, and I'm still at work. It's been a very long week, and it's only Wednesday. One of the editors and I have been cutting a 45 sec TVC that's come in at the last minute and is on air Friday (that's only 2 sleeps people). I've come back to my desk and left him to do the 30 sec cut-down version so I can then send them on to the client for approval. I have a mountain of emails to answer and scripts to write and budgets to update and invoices to process and quotes to write and shoots to schedule and to be honest, I just don't feel like doing any of it at the moment.

Today was really hectic. One of our editors were sick, and I had both editors completely booked out doing things that had to be done by today, so it all fell to poor Shannon to do two lots of work in one day. I spent 4 hours in meetings with new clients (meetings went well - we won their work - I don't have time to do it), directed 2 voice over recording sessions, spent 2 hours with a couple of the graphics guys doing pre-prod for an upcoming job, wrote a script, scheduled a shoot (since my assistant was out today) and was constantly on the phone, writing and replying to emails. I haven't done a single thing that I had on my list of 'absolutely must get done before you leave todays'. I'm also hungry, because I didn't have time for lunch or dinner, and haven't stopped until now - when I got online to whinge :)

I'm listening to the country station online as I type. I like country. But it seems awfully melancholy sometimes, doesn't it? Such sad songs a lot of them. Maybe it's just my mood that's making them seem melancholy. Or maybe it's just the kind of country that stations play at 5am (which is the current time from where the station is broadcasting).

Yep. Definitely feeling melancholy. If my life had a soundtrack, I think we'd be featuring the string section at the moment...

haha! I'm such a whiner :)

Anyway, that was my whinge. I've got to get back to work now :)

Love to all!
xo Tammy


breckster said...

a good whine is always allowed after a too long too frustrating day. :)sounds like a vacation to NYC is in order.

James and Abby said...

I'm with Brecken! :) Go to New York!!! Your job sucks and is awesome all at once!!! Book it in! I think you need it! :) Your receptionist rocks her glass desk out!!! :)

emilysuze said...

Sounds like you need an extra assistant, a chocolate bar, and some relaxing slippers. :)

P.S. Happy birthday month!

Sara said...

Okay, so Tammy, the funny thing about reading this is the entire time I was thinking "fun! look at all the cool stuff she does." And then I realized you were whining. It was a nice little contradiction.

Even the best of jobs has stressful moments.

Hugs to you dear friend!

PS, I want an updated report on how the whole assistant thing is going.