Saturday, August 15, 2009

Of trips and phones

At the risk of talking about work on my blog (yet again) things have been very busy lately. Over the last fortnight, I worked 121 hours instead of the standard 80, which basically amounts to a whole extra week, and though it's been 'extra' busy at work lately, this 'extra busy' thing seems to happen an awful lot. I really need to find a way to get some balance back in my life - I seriously can't keep going on like this!

But since I'm not entirely sure how to do that, I guess I'll blog about other things :) I did spend time in Adelaide and Melbourne on work trips over the last fortnight, and though the Adelaide trip was a six day shoot that kept me very busy, I did manage to spend an evening with some of my Adelaide relatives (grandma, aunty Leah and uncle Joel), so that was really lovely. And then I was able to tack a short overnight holiday onto the end of the Melbourne trip, and Abby came down to spend it with me so we could go and see Wicked playing for it's last week in Melbourne, so all up I'm a pretty lucky girl. Abby and I had a great time (I even managed manage to finally clear my mind of work related things about an hour before we had to catch the plane home again!). I was going to write all about our trip on my blog, but Abby put such a great post of it up on her blog that I think I'll just direct you there for a good read. She titled it "Sorry my nose is tilted so high in the air I can't see you properly down there". Like I said - a lot of fun :)

In other news, I now have an iphone (work got it for me, so I can check my emails when I'm not in the office - I've been out shooting almost constantly lately, and it's hard to be so behind on emails when I get back into the office again). Anyway, I've fallen in love with the new phone. I'm sort of convinced that the thing could fly me to the moon and back if I can just find the right application to download :) We had a show holiday on Wednesday, and it was great to finally run a bunch of the errands I've been needing to run for a couple of weeks - went to the bank, got new clinique facestuff since my old stuff had run out (and a new shirt and skirt that just happened to be discounted at Myer), etc. etc., anyway, I also got a really cute pink leather case for the new iphone, so now it looks like it's owned by a six year old girl in pigtails. But I love it :)

Anyway, I'd better run. We've got stake conference this week, and I need to start getting ready. I'm going to try and blog a little more frequently (at least to keep up the pretense that my life is balanced), so hopefully this site won't be such a boring place to visit over the next few months! :)

Have a lovely weekend!
xo Tammy


charrette said...

I think "balance" and any sort of "film work" were never meant to be uttered in the same sentence. Or to intersect in any one lifetime. But good luck with that! :)

(And thanks for stopping by. It's always good to hear from you.)

Sandy M. said...

Let's keep in mind that you do have some balance in your life. For instance - you shower every day, clean your teeth twice a day, go to bed every night, go to church every Sunday, have FHE every week, enjoy Christmas every year, and always have a book that you are reading. I'm just saying... the glass is half-full at least :)

On the other hand, perhaps there is more in life out there... tennis games, and marathons and such. There's politics, and patchwork, gardening, skydiving, mountain climbing, knitting, ... Tammy, you are missing out!

Polyanna wannabe (with Chuckles, my ever-present side-kick :)

ps I hate to ask, but have you named your new i-phone yet? Fingus perhaps? Penelope in pigtails? (it's topical, and it is covered in a pretty pink hide... Mmmmnn?! :)

Abby said...

Lol I'd just like to say I read mum's comment, and I'm delighted at the idea of naming the iPhone, especially because I agree that it probably has moon-flying abilities! :) I LOVE the cute pink case!!! It was fun reading your blog on it too - it is waaay more clever than my phone!! I'm sorry to hear you worked 121 hours. I hope your previously blogged plan comes into play soon so we can both quit work (here I pause to reflect silently on the feeling I used to have when we had Christmas holidays back in the JPC days, with no jobs - the freedom!). Hope you only worked 7 hours today!! :) xoxox

Jonny and Jessima said...

I agree naming your phone would be fun :) Maybe it should be something from Legally Blonde. I can't think of any examples, but because its pink and Elle was totally pink I think that would be an awesome fit.

Seems as you work very hard, make sure you plan yourself a very nice holiday. You deserve it!

Erika Hill said...

Need a balanced life? There's an app for that.

Thanks for all the comments on my blog! It's good to know I've got at least one reader! :)

I've been thinking of getting an iPhone for a will probably happen in 2019.

emilysuze said...

Everyone's getting an Iphone. I feel very uncool right about now. :)

Eli and Kara said...

We should keep a tally of how many times you promise to blog more frequently!