Sunday, May 16, 2010

Don't worry, I'm not still at the airport!

Okay, so I haven't written at all since I got back from my holiday! Sorry fans :(

I think there just keep being so many things I could write about, that blogging suddenly becomes really daunting and I start to feel like I'll never have time to write everything down in a post (which is strangly ironic, since I'm pretty sure I write some of the longest blog posts on the planet... pretty sure only my mother makes it to the end of some of them).

So I guess I'm hoping that this little post will break the ice, and I'll got back to writting as frequently (though perhaps not as entertainingly) as I did while I was on the holiday :)

Wish me luck! haha!

xo Tammy

PS. My favourite family quote since I've been back definately goes to Bethany. On the night I got back, dad cooked a delicious lamb roast (Sorry Tom Cruise, won't be able to make it tonight), and Bethany turned to me and said "What animal is a lamb again? cow, right?". Total classic! LOVE YOU BETHANY :)

PPS. We have the busiest month and a half coming up here at the Munro house: House renovations (leaky plumbing and termites - eek!), Bethany's engagement party, Family and Friends camp up at Mt. Tamborine (which we're organizing, so heaps to do), and then Bethany's WEDDING on June 25th. So all my 'new goals' for my 'new life' back fresh from my holiday will probably actually start in July :) But we'll have a lot of (stress filled) fun before then I'm sure. And then of course just the usual business.

PPPS. I've been released from YW, and called as the new Gospel Doctrine teacher in my ward. I'm sad to not be working with the YW anymore, and a little daunted by the whole 'teaching the adults the old testiment' thing. But I'm loving the oppertunity to spend the time studying and learning from the Old Testiment. It's so rich with applications. Last time I taught gospel doctrine (at BYU), it was the Old Testiment as well, so I'm pretty excited to be learning all over again that this book we're all scared of is actually one of my favourites :)

PPPPS. And yes, mum, I know not 'everyone' is scared of the Old Testiment.... lol!

PPPPPS. Back at the exercising. KILL ME! :) Truth be told though (and this is just between you and me, since I'd never admit to this public), it actually feels good! (gasp!)... but don't think I'm going to start liking vegetables anytime soon.... :)

PPPPPPS. Abby came had lunch with me at work in the park on Thursday - so fun!

PPPPPPPS. Sorry about the overused PPS's. You may think I should really make all of the above part of the body of my post. But then, I'd have to find connecting sentences that somehow connect all of these random thoughts.... nobody expects connecting sentences between PS's.... do they?!



ClaireM said...

Good to see you're not still wairing at the airport!! And i enjoyed all the extra PS's at the end, i was starting to wonder if the blog was going to finish!! I have a recipe that will get you eating veges again!! Good luck with all the upcoming events xx

breckster said...

Dear Tammy,

I would like to introduce you to my good friend the bullet point.
< ul>
< li>First item
< li>Second item
< li>Third item
< /ul> (I can't post html in the comment so you will have to try it where you can use html, and just delete the spaces after the <.)
I love him because I never have to count how many Posts I've scripted. (We all know how well I do with counting.)

My sisters have me preparing for a 5K which I hope I won't even be attending because if I am there that means justin still doesn't have a job. I hate running. It hurts, and I look ridiculous. and I highly doubt that in two months I'd be able to run, or job 5K. and I already know I can walk it so this all feels a bit futile.

Petamay said...

:) Hey Tammy great post. Love and miss you!!

emilysuze said...

What are you girls going to do if it keeps getting colder and colder in the mornings? Is there a gym you can go work out in as a backup plan?

Good luck with Gospel Doctrines! I think I'm on my way out of YW's as well since one of the bishopric members was asking me all sorts of questions about my calling today. Hmmm...

And the lamb comment is definitely something I would also say. When I picked up Kim from the airport I thought I had locked my keys in the trunk and was completely freaking out. Then Kim said, "Can't you pop your trunk from the inside of the car?" Duh.

Jonny and Jessima said...

Glad your back Tammy :) Glad your also back on bloggin :)

Can't wait for your next installment !

Love xo

Adlewiess said...

Yay - Tammy's back!!! Enjoy your crazy month and a half!! Lots of memories to get making! xxx

Abby said...

I'm glad you're posting again :)

PS: We are going to miss Bethany so

PPS: Wasn't the purpose of the camp to have a relaxing family holiday?? THe message has gotten lost!

PPPS: You're a great gospel doctrine teacher!! I enjoy your lessons. I would be up the creek.

PPPPS: I am.

PPPPPS: Ask Claire for her recipe! Although the ones we had on Mother's Day were great! I'm shocked at the exercise. James will be delighted.

PPPPPPS: Good times! :)

PPPPPPPS: I too think you could learn from the use of dot points. It's kind of a fun challenge to put in just the right amount of p's though, huh? :)


Jennsie said...

LOL oh my gosh that is so funny, Bethany, lamb is cow!? Bless her blonde moments :)
Love that Abbey is paying you out big time! LOL normally that would be you doing it to some other poor soul :P like me. lol
Love that you are blogging. Notice you keep checking my blog and i still havent written in it. Ok i'll write an entry now and you can have a read in a bit. I'll comment on here when it is done.
Miss you! x