Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We played the Tennis Ball game in FHE last night...

... For almost an hour and a half!

I hate that game!

Like, really hate that game!

But, it was kind of funny that it took us that long. And we did laugh. A lot.

In between the crying. And the attempts at quitting. And the beating Oliver up when he dropped the hundredeth ball at the 54 minute mark.

(We really did kind of beat him up... He ran for shelter in the entry way and we all followed him and tickled him with a fury. Except Dad. Who was too tired because we'd been playing the game for so long. So he stayed where he was and tried to emotionally deal with the fact that we'd have to start all over again! But Dad did assure us that he was harrassing Oliver in spirit)

... LUCKILY I finally put everyone out of their misery and caught the hundredeth ball again. Excellently thrown by Oliver, might I add :)

I reckon it'll be three or four months before Dad let's mum pick the game again though...


xo Tammy


emilysuze said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa! You wrote on your blog?!? :)

Bethany said...

Bahahahahahahaha! THAT GAME!!!!! GRRRRRR. I'm opposed to that game because (if you hadn't noticed) it always brings contention! Which I'm sure Oliver at least noticed while he was being bashed and abused :P Lol.
I would have abused him too though hahaha. How horrifying and devastating! But good work on catching it Tam.
Lol, it would have been so funny to be there for that :)
Yay for family home evening games!
Love you all :) xoxox
And Tam! GOOD WORK ON POSTING!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) xoxoxo
And me - GOOD WORK ON BEING THE FIRST TO COMMENT! :) :) :) :) xoxoxo

Bethany said...

Doh! Emily! You beat me! haha

Kara said...

Good to hear from you Tammy, I thought that you needed some mourning time after EFY was postponed. Hope you are well !!

Sandy M. said...

Huh! If everyone hates the game so much, why do we all have so much fun playing it!?
Bethy - there was no contention at all, thank you very much, only much laughter and a very little bit of ribbing here and there :D I think this activity contains a lesson within a game: all about not quitting, no matter what; and that we only fail when we stop trying.

And Tammy - in the interests of full disclosure and added perspicacity - it really ought to be noted that Oliver only missed the hundredth ball because he was kind enough to throw the 99th ball to you, (even after everyone had agreed not to throw anything to you after we reached the 80th ball mark - at his suggestion by the way, and with your full accord :), and that then he was so excited when you caught it, that he flung his happy little hands into the air in triumph - only unhappily not supposing that you might throw the ball right back at him!
It ought also to be noted that it was Oliver again - that loyal, hopeful, merciful and playful boy, who took the 99th ball and gently lobbed it to you for the 100th catch at last!
And people think football games have atmosphere! - We had it all: team spirit; rousing music (provided by Ben's phone); all the poignancy and pathos of a Herculean struggle; and the sweet, sweet taste of eventual success! :)
Tennis ball game anyone? :)


Jonny and Jessima said...

You have a BIG fan following Tammy!!!
I look forward to reading more posts :)

Remember last time we played the ball game? You, me, Dad and Jonny did awesome. Must be the people you play it with :P

Love you co

Abby said...

Hahahahahaha we didn't :) But I must say that game is addictive in the moment - as in you canNOT stop playing it until you get to 100, no matter how much of a love/hate relationship it is!! We should play it next time we have extended FHE?!!! :) xoxoxo

Tammy Lorna said...


Brodi Ika said...

Just think of all the calories that were burnt off while frustrations were being vented Tammy.....lol! You guys always come up with fun FHE's!!!