Monday, May 2, 2011

Things I'm planning to write about...

... When I have some time.

1) My new house
2) My day in Sydney with Bethy
3) The twins going on their missions
4) Easter
5) My thoughts on being single
6) New career options (basically things that will make me a lot of money, but
without requiring a lot of time.... it's currently an unfortunately short list)
7) Andre Reui concert in Adelaide with Grandma
8) Keith Urban (and Lady Antebellum) concert with Abby
9) Cousins dinner
10) Mothers day outing with Mum
11) October Holiday with Jenny
12) An essay on QLD as the ultimate holiday destination (in an attempt to lure
overseas friends here)
13) Baby girl Easthope #2

Some of those things haven't even happened yet. Can you believe how ahead of the game I am in coming up with blog post topics?! lol!

Okay, so odds are you'll never hear about all of them *sad sigh*. Maybe let me know what topics interest you the most, and I'll write for my audience... if indeed, it turns out that I have one.... lol!

xo Tammy


Keith and Cathy Atkinson said...

All of the above will be fine :-) Glad the cousins night went well Hannah says when she grows up a bit more she will tag along too Sad my girls had other things but I am sure one day they will make it and love it too. I also would live to go visit Bec but I am still content with her sharing her adventures via the Blog :-)

Sandy M. said...

Um, Keith Urban!! Also, your new house, your day with Beth, the twins, Easter, your thoughts on being single, new career options (James will approve lol), Aundre Reui, cousins dinner, mothers day outing with Mum (where are you going?!! Does she know yet?/), October holiday with Jenny (even though it's not Jenny's birthday in October, sigh), the essay, please - I'll send you through the criteria, and baby girl Easthope #2 for sure - I'll even let you in on the name in the next week or two to make it more interesting. And make sure you put in the bit about the 20 minute labour - that's gonna be amazing!! :)

Impressed that you're so far ahead.

Has anyone yet NOT figured out this isn't Mama?? :)


Jonny and Jessima said...

I love reading your blog, no matter what you write about. But I'm with Abby - EVERYTHING!!!!!

You can do it :) I know there is some spare time in your busy life ;)


Bec and Michael said...

Yeah, but really Tammy, you're so uber busy...Im sure if I was that busy, I wouldnt have a lot of time to write on my blog either...although, some pictures of your new house would be kinda cool :)
Im sure you'll get around to it when you can :)

Erika Hill said...

Mostly, it's just good to hear from you! Any of those topics seem interesting--let me know what you find out on the "making a lot of money without a lot of work" front--Brent's quitting his job to go back to school!

Sandy M. said...

Do you have an audience! You barely posted this and here we all are..
Don't think I didn't notice that this is your wily way of 'posting' about all those things without having to actually write about them. It has backfired on you of course, because you asked for feedback, and I will add mine to all those previous, in asking for in-depth posts about them all!
And I am your Mother! (movie!? or, rather, TV series? :)

emilysuze said...

How did I miss two new blog posts from you?!? I'm so behind! I think we need to hear about all of the above (though I do feel a little more caught up on your life due to our chat this morning via Gmail). :)

Beth and Robbie said...

All of them!!
But I'm the same as you. I started writing about our day together ages ago but never got a chance to finish it! I only ever remember when I don't have time.
You write about them and I will!
You're my inspiration :)
I love you!! xoxoxoxoxo

Just ME said...

I LOVE reading your stuff! And congratulations on the new house. Super exciting stuff!

Beth and Robbie said...

Tam - I would like your help please :)
On my blog (for some reason - probably because I haven't posted in so long) it's not letting me add titles to my post!
So I wrote a post but it has no title. There's no place to add a title on that post or if I try to do a new one. The box just isn't there for me to write in.
And then the post isn't showing up on other people's pages because there is no title.
WHICH is really really sad because it's about my day with you :)
SO...any ideas?
Anywho, love you!! xoxox

Brodi Ika said...

I want to hear about ALL of them. I feel like i'm missing out on so much and I'm not getting my daily fix of Tammy anymore. Please please keep writing and I'll be sure to stay tuned. Love you Tammy