Friday, December 2, 2011

I have no life right now...

THAT'S why I haven't been blogging.
Or emailing friends.
Or checking other people's blogs.
Or replying to friend's emails.
Or sleeping....

Very happy to be doing the stuff I'm so busy with at the moment - it's important - but am really excited to be done with it all on January 14th too. It's okay to feel that way, right?! :)

xo Tammy


Abby said...

You DO TOO have a life!!!





And next week, you'll have totally awesome life outside of EFY (thankyou Jenny for saving her!), AND over Christmas, you'll have a life, AND

AFTER EFY (it almost feels like we should begin our counting of the years again)!!! Especially if you quit your job and become a socialite, just like we've always planned!! :)

(all this is dependant on Brisbane NOT completely flooding though, so you know, it could go either way, really...)

And if it's any consolation, in the mean time, you rock our socks, from afar (which is the way people always rock the socks of their fans right? I mean aloof-ness is part of being a star!)

Maggie's been asking for you every single day 'Tammy??' :)

And now my comment, has exceeded your post. Obviously, I should go and clean something.

Lovely to briefly speak to you this morning, even though I've clearly forgotten what your voice sounds like! :)


Jessima said...

I was just thinking the other day its been a while since we saw you. Lucky we get to see you in person on the weekend :)

I ditto Abby :)

Love the changes to your blog. Nice :)

Just over a month til it's all over. Then you can start planning on your new life. You can do ANYTHING you want to.

Lots of love, Jessima

Sandy M. said...


But I agree with Abby too. You do have a life. And life.

I'd be able to look forward to January 14th more if it didn't mean that I would be on the spot that week too!

See you on Saturday :)

Lauren said...

Lovely Tammy. You are doing a great job with EFY! I do love it when you post but it's not the end of the world if you dont. Can't wait for Jenny to arrive so you can chill for a week :) xx

Beth and Robbie said...

Ummm, service station ice-creams and hiking through the rain is TOTALLY a life!!

Thanks for coming the other day!!! I had heaps of fun :) Sorry it wasn't as cool as it could/should have been :p

I love you HEAPS!!!

PS. Awesome job on the whole EFY thing ;)