Monday, August 13, 2012

How to Eat like a Rabbit

·       Roughly chop up half of a lettuce (if you’re a fancy rabbit, you’ll use a butternut lettuce. Yum!)

·       Chop up half a cucumber
(if you’re a REALLY healthy-eating rabbit you won’t peel off the skin).

·       Chop up a tomato
(and again, for you fancy rabbits out there, it will probably be a hot-house tomato because those smell the best in the store).

·       Chop up a handful of raw mushrooms left over from your roast vegetable dinner the night before.

·         Chop up half an avocado and soak it in lemon juice for a little bit
(If you’re a trying-to-lose-weight rabbit, then you’ll justify the half avocado by the fact that you didn’t use the whole avocado).

·         Open a can of Salmon, drain it, and crumble it onto your salad
(if you’re an actual rabbit, then you may not want to include the Salmon).

 And voila! Lunch for Rabbit Royalty:

Can you tell I’m back on my diet?!

xo Tammy  


Jessima Munro said...

your an inspiration tammy!! we too need to get back on the band wagon :(

rabbit food can be yummy :)


Bec and Michael said...

Tammy...I've been thinking...isnt Avocado full of 'good' fat?

Just sayin' :)

Abby said...

A little impressed!!! - that your bottom post on your front page is from 2012... just!! :)

And thanks for the tutorial. Now I know exactly what to do if I want to eat like a rabbit (a fancy one ;)). You should post one about how to eat like a shark. People don't do enough eating like animals these days.

Sandy M. said...

I'd eat it :) Keep going Tams! :)

Beth and Robbie said...

It actually looks and sounds quite nice!!!
....except for the tomato
...and the avadoco
..and I don't like Salmon either :S :S

But besides that, it made me want to eat it!!!

I'm also quite hungry right now (and getting hungrier by the second reading this post) so that might have a little something to do with the appeal :D