Tuesday, May 20, 2008

1 day down, 225 to go

I've been a bit dissapointed in myself lately, so on Sunday afternoon I sat down and set a bunch of goals. Most of them are small-ish daily goals, but I think together over time they'll make some really good positive differences. The key, of course, is to actually keep them! I made some beautiful charts (most of you know how much I love charts!), and they cover the rest of May all the way to December. I think most people prefer the 'set small goals rather than larger goals' philosopy (don't bite off more than you can chew). But I think the rewards for the larger or more long term goals are much better than the rewards for little goals, so I'm hoping that by imagining where I'll be in December if I can do each of these things every day, I'll have more of an incentive to keep at it.

Anyway, the good news is that yesterday I met everyone of my goals for day 1, and I got to colour in 7 little boxes on my chart :) It made me a little excited!

So 1 down, 225 to go ;)

xo Tammy


Jennsie said...

GO TIM TAM!!! You can do it! I so remember doing those charts with uou. You know lately I've asked myself why is it, on the mission i was able to set goals and actually accomplish them, and now I have the hardest time actually even setting any. It comes back to just doing it.
I need to make sure that it's my priority to work on them. I suppose that's what it comes down too, what is most important to us and making them a priority in our life no matter how hard they appear.
Good luck with your goals, I know you can achieve anything you set your heart to.

Erika Hill said...

So what do you earn if you complete your goals? Self-satisfaction? I guess completing goals should be their own reward...

...however, we go for the material rewards as well. Right now we have a goal chart that we color every day, and when it's full, we're buying a Wii. Yeesh, it's like we're in 2nd grade again...

Sandy M. said...

I remember Marjorie Pay Hinckley saying something like: she had set a goal three days ago to read a chapter from each of the standard works each day, and so far was only two days behind!
It's misquoted somewhat, but I love her willingness to set goals. It's the striving for perfection each day that is do-able, if not the gaining of perfection today I think.
I have a lot of faith in you Tam - I've seen you move mountains before.

breckster said...

Yipee for coloring in little squares. I just realized all of my goals are for Reuben, I should make some for me so I can put the sticker on the paper.

(I won a subscription to "seeing the everyday" an advertisement free magazine about enjoying the simple things of parenthood.)

emilysuze said...

You make beautiful charts and you make an even more beautiful Tammy. :)

Love you!