Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Warning: I might be going crazy....

Do you ever have those days where you're so frazzled you can't think straight? Of course you do - everyone has those days! I knew I had a fair bit to get through when I was driving to work, and I was a little uptight about two big back-to-back meetings with potential clients, so I expected to be busy. But then on top of that, every client I've ever worked with decided to call and ask for last minute, time-consuming 'urgent jobs'. I felt like I had so many pies up in the air that my poor brain started to go into 'I'm not here' mode. You know the one - sort of like an out of mind experience where your brain looks down on your frazzled personage and thinks something like "Gee I'm glad I'm not crazy like THAT guy!". It worked out in the end: last minute jobs all completed, potential clients converted to real clients, next week's shoots scheduled, etc. But I didn't make it down to 'Edit Suite 2' to work on the power station project. Not that that was a problem mind you: the editor was busy putting together some last minute show-reels for one of the above mentioned meetings, and the girl who was supposed to be typing up my scribbled shoot log for the powerstation shoot is only part-way through typing it up because she was suddenly flooded with 'important things to do' ... at least I wasn't alone in my craziness... :)

This post probably isn't making sense, but that's okay, I wouldn't expect it to. Work is over for the day and I've decided to let my brain turn off two hours before the rest of my body does :)

See you all tomorrow,

xo Tammy


breckster said...

I feel like I've been in that mode for the last eight months!

You know what else is scary... I understood the post. :)

Micky said...

It always makes me feel better to hear about your days Tammy. I can have 4 different assinments due in the next week and have two or three assessed computer labs for programing and foundations in computers and networks (binary and assembely language) and all I need is to hear about one of your days I and I think "If Tammy can do all that, I've got no worries. I can do my stuff.

The Working Girl said...

I'm leaving you a comment since your blog says you love comments! And since I'm always reading your comments on Em's blog, I thought I'd read your blog for once. I hope your day tomorrow is next crazy.

James & Abby said...

Tammy you sound really busy!

James & Abby said...

Maybe we should have lunch! I'm on full time prac though for the next month and then I'll be in Melbourne for a week, so book us in sometime the week starting Monday the 16th of June, yay! :)

In the meantime all the boys are going on the father and son overnight camp in a week or two - slumber party, yay!!! :) xo

James & Abby said...

PS: So now that's two postings I just did - I'm expecting a new 'original post' any second now!

PPS: So normally when I'm home alone even in the middle of the day, everything's locked up and the front door has the screen and the wooden doors closed and locked, but James is sick, so I wanted to air out the place so I don't get sick, so I've braved it this morning by opening windows, blinds, and the wooden door (the screen door is still locked nice & tight).
So (let's see how much I can use that word) I'm sitting at the computer in my PJ's and until 5 minutes ago I was doing one of the assignments that are due today (on due days I hate my procrastinating habits), and a big, massive, giant, strong and fat man showed up at the screen door with a creepy grin and said 'Hey. You planning being home for a while?' While running through every possible escape route (including the bite-sized window high up in the bathroom that I would have to catapault myself through) in my mind I stammered 'uh?' (like Dad, doing the Japanese action movies) and stood up shaking like a leaf. I know you're wondering how I ever got away - was it the bathroom? Did I leap off the second floor mini balcony we've still got our dead pot plants on into the neighbour below us' spiky Aloe plants? Did I chose instead to fight the man with a huge black platter I was unfortunately given for an engagement present?! NO! - It turned out he just wanted to park his removalist truck in front of my car cause some other neighbours are moving out. (phew) - it's been a pretty crazy day for me too.

Tammy Lorna said...

Abby that's funny! But scary! I can imagine the whole thing! What you really need is your own blog - but it's okay, I'll let you use mine in the meantime ;)

I'm going to Melbourne next week for work! I'll tell you how it is ready for your trip next month :)

xo Tammy

Tammy Lorna said...

And working girl - Welcome!
I'm so excited to have a new cyber friend! I've never had a purely cyber friend before!

:) xo Tammy

Jessica said...

I'm impressed that you've made it this far in your life without going crazy. I went crazy long ago, as you probably know, having lived with me. Crazy is good though. Makes life more interesting

Sandy M. said...

I love that when you go crazy you turn blonde... :)

3 blog comments in one day Abby..
For those of you who don't know Abby very well, that was a classic example of her modus operandi when study really does need to be done today. My personal favourite memory of this avoidance behaviour, Abby, was of your entire final school year - almost every night you would fluff around talking about how much work you needed to do, before finally, (at about 11pm), putting your bottom down on the chair at your desk, having opened your books, sharpened your pencils, lined up your pens, had just the right music playing, a drink within reach... before finally giving a little sigh of contentment that all was cosy and putting your head down on your arms to fall sound asleep! In the morning the second act followed, with a cheerful and self-satisfied Abby telling everyone, (and believing it yourself), that you had been up all night studying :)

Now, Tammy on the other hand, was up all night studying.. A wonderful example to us all!

Have a great day everyone.

Anonymous said...

I don't go to work; although,I'm always trying to get through jobs, tasks, living, etc., so I suppose that is work: Whether it is or not, I'm frazzled, gar gaaa!! love from Gran.

Jessica said...

Okay Tammy, it's seriously time for another post.

Just kidding. I do miss you though, and I figure if you can comment and tell me to post, I can do the same to you.