Saturday, July 5, 2008

I wish you really COULD jump into chalk pavement pictures...

I've decided to go on a holiday. It might not eventuate for years, but I'd at least like to dream about it :) I don't want to talk about work - because that's all I talk about on my blog - but it has been crazier than usual lately, and I've been working longer hours than usual (which is saying something!) Several people are away at the moment for various reasons, and I've had to pick up a lot of 'extras', and then I've had several really big jobs with converging deadlines - so it's been a little ridiculous. Jobs on my docket over the last two weeks have included:

1) Shoot & post for a 20 minute doc about the history of a global mining company (ergo the trip to Mt. Isa and organizing shoots in London and Johannesburg);
2) Desiging, storyboarding and directing production of an interactive website for an energy distribution company;
3) 10 minute DVD (with a 3 minute showreel and 4 x 2 minute 'people spotlights') for a global consortium who are pitching for the contract to build a dam here in Australia (this also included organizing shoots in Paris and London);
4) Shooting & post for a series of interactive AV's for a HR company's website;
5) continuing the post for an energy company who we're producing 9 induction videos for (a total of 12 shooting days, on four locations finished earlier this month - thank goodness!);
6) Writing, shooting & producing a series of short A/Vs for a big bank's website;
7) Producing a series of animations to be played on the website and on instore plasmas for a national phone company;
8) Overseeing post and station distribution for 9 TVCs and 2 Radio commercials for a construction client;
9) and quoting for an endless stream of job requests that keep coming through the door.
- And of course each job includes endless too-ings and fro-ings with clients (who all seem to somehow have my mobile number, and call anytime between 6am till 9pm)

I do like my job, and I was lucky to find it, but over the last two weeks, I've worked several 12-17 hour days, and after a while you find yourself, well, dreaming about going on a holiday! I'm just trying to get through this crunchtime which will hopefully wind up in the next few weeks, and wait until a few people get back to work, and then I'll see about taking a day or two off :)

Maybe I'll go visit the Greek Islands.... or drop into Beijing for the olympics.... or go hole up in a B&B in Ireland.... or catch a musical on Broadway... or visit the Inca ruins.... or take an African Safari, or go hiking in the Swiss Alps, or go digging in Egypt...

At this point, I'd just settle for a day at home :)

xo Tammy

PS. I miss uni, where the holidays were built in!


Jennsie said...

Girl you work way tooooo hard. You deserve a holiday. I can't get over how long your day is. I am tired just doing my 12 hour shifts serval times a week, but to do that every day plus more hours, yea I don't think soooo. You need a break, and I have the perfect suggestion. Come back to provo. I'm going to be there for month of July, you can come to california with me. It would be awesome, you would get to see peta, and maybe you could pop over and see Brecken and Emily. Come and play! We all want to see you!

breckster said...

My vote is for Broadway. If you saved your student ID card we could just try for every one with student rush tickets. And I have a huge arsonal now of free-to-cheap things to do in the city. NYC is not a relaxing holiday, but it sure would be fun.

Tammy Lorna said...

Both of those holidays sound FABULOUS :) July's a bit soon though Jen ;( And NYC sounds just a little more exciting than Provo, because i've SEEN provo.... but I do miss peta and a few others :)

My little head will keep plotting...

xo Tammy

Jessica said...

What, Provo isn't your dream vacation spot? Just 'cuz there aren't any cane toads around doesn't mean it's not an excellent destination (although the fact that there is absolutely nothing to do there does make it a bit less-than-desirable). If you do ever come to Utah though, we can go to my cabin :)

James & Abby said...

I'm downstairs doing nothing on reception while you're upstairs working like crazy - I'm sorry I'm not more qualified for things outside the primary school teaching realm or I'd be happy to help!! Let me know if there's anything mindless I can do! - Just to clear up mystery a) though, your mobile number's on your business card!

But a holiday sounds fantastic! Reading your blog I thought 'Hello! Greek Islands!!! B&B in Ireland!!!' but i've been away twice recently and here are my big deep thoughts:
The first was a sightseeing trip to the Great Ocean road. After being in all those beautiful places and doing less than a lot for a week, I returned tired and wishing I could be on holidays forever, with a bad attitude to work.
The second a few weeks later was to Adelaide, to visit visit visit family and friends. Despite how much more busy it was and how many more late nights, I've come back so refreshed and happy!
So I think you should go stay with friends definitely, and you seem to have them all over, even if not in the Greek Islands. Go to New York and get out every day doing stuff with Brecken, and say hi to California on the way home or something.
You can borrow my student ID if you want - we look similar I reckon aside from hair colour, and everybody dyes it these days anyway.