Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Happy Thoughts

2 inches off the bottom
I've been desperately needing a haircut for about 4 months now! Lots of split ends and rats tails, so on Saturday I finally sat down and asked Mum to trim my hair for me. She ended up taking about 2 inches off I think (which really isn't that much), but it made my hair much shorter! Well, shorter to me. No one has mentioned my drastically shorter hair, so I'm assuming it's actually looking exactly the same as it did before, but no mind! It's enough! I feel like a new woman :) Isn't it wonderful how even a small change can make you feel like you've got the opportunity for a fresh start?

There is beauty all around
Every morning on the way to work, I drive the short road at the top of the Kangaroo Point cliffs, over looking the city, and lately the mornings have been beautiful. This is my favourite view of the city, and I especially love it when the sun shimmers on the water :) I didn't take this photo (thank you google!) but this is pretty much what
I see to my left every morning.
And then, just to make the morning even better, if I glance to my right I see the Brisbane Temple. Again, I didn't take this picture (and it's not the best one), but you get the point: Every morning I see these two wonderful views, and then 2 minutes later, I get to work in a good mood :)
International Phone calls
I was lucky to speak to a few friends on the phone this week - and that made me really happy :) Blogging is wonderful because it means that when you speak with someone after a long period of 'not speaking', you're able to pickup exactly where you are. What a wonderful blessing!
From Bikes to Cars
This morning, as I did the seminary run around 6am (Dad's been sick this week, so I've been dropping the twins to seminary), I saw a guy doing his paper run, in a car! He was driving really slowly, and throwing the newspapers out of the car window, over the car, and into peoples yards. I guess bikes are outdated - especially in winter! Anyway, this made me smile, because it reminded me of that delightfully pointless scene in 'While you were Sleeping' where the paperboy falls of his bike :)
Well, have a happy day!
xo Tammy


Jennsie said...

Tammy, I loved your blog, i love how you had different topics, things you have thought about or wanted to share. It's a really great idea. I've been really bad with my bloggin and I apologise. I'll be better. Especially now that I'm heading home soon.

I'm jealous of the beautiful scenery you get when going to work. So different to mine, just a concrete jungle for me! Rude people trying to push past me. Yes I take the train to school and work.

Miss you Tammy!

James & Abby said...

Morning Tamster,
I agree - we have a beautiful work surrounding environment! I keep meaning to take some beautiful pictures of the tree walk in the park where we eat lunch every day to put on your blog - because that's beautiful too. I think we're so lucky to work where we do - it really is a wonderful area.
And last week I walked up to the temple after work - only cause James was late and you'd left already, but the point is how close we are to it :)
Then there's catching the ferry for lunch - cute and cool!! :)
Thanks for the job lol!!! (Better than any of these things is working with you though - I'm really grateful for that chance we have to spend a little more time than we would otherwise get to together) Love you xo

Tammy Lorna said...

Ohhhh. I love you too Abby :)

xo Tammy

PS. Yeah, that's good. Maybe I can have you write blog entries for me... haha!

breckster said...

You are a lucky girl to see such nice things on your way to work. Oh, to enjoy the cityscape...the fact that I do not is just more proof that this should only me a short stint for us.

I Adore international phone calls!

emilysuze said...

I love international calls as well! :)

James and Abby said...

I really wish I had something new to read on your blog!!
:) xxxoooxoxoxox
I love local phone calls! :)