Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'll have what she's having

I once heard a fabulous story (told by a wonderfully entertaining storyteller) about a kid who was riding his bike really fast down a steep hill, when he saw a large tree right in the middle of his path. In the several seconds leading up to his impact with the tree, he tried desperately to decide whether he wanted to veer left around the tree, or right around the tree. Alas and alack, the poor fellow couldn't make up his mind and so instead crashed straight into the tree.

I have a giant pile of empathy for that kid.

Caesar Salad or something new that I've never had? Caesar Salad or something new? Caesar Salad? Something new? ... oh sorry. My turn? .... ah..... has everyone else ordered? Oh, okay, ah. ........ I'm just - .... hmmmm.... what would you recommend? ..... Right.... Um, I'm just - did you all order? .... (Caesar Salad? or Something new? Caesar Salad? or Something new?) .... Sorry! Ahh..... I'll have the Caesar Salad please! ..... *deflating sigh* ... (I should have ordered the something new...).... *sad, disappointed sigh*


Recently, at work, I was given a personal assistant! I used to share an assistant with the other 2 women, but 2 weeks ago we restructured, and I was given one of my own! Yay! The plan was for me to now start working normal hours and actually start having a life :) And I was really excited because she's a lovely girl who I already new really well, and I was thrilled at the idea of having someone I could work closely with, and share the load with, and have fun with....

So things at work were going very well... Until she suddenly quit! *gasp* She got a job as a project manager at another production house, and I don't blame her for taking the job - it was a big promotion for her, and she was much too talented and capable to be an assistant anyway :(
I figured I'd be back to working ridiculously long hours for a while, and I was actually taking the whole abandonment thing quite well (hark! a violin!) until someone pointed out the obvious fact that I now had to interview and hire someone new!


It's hard enough trying to decide what to order at a restaurant or which way to go around a tree, without having to make a decision that could dramatically effect another person's WHOLE LIFE! What if I hire someone who doesn't really need this job, instead of someone who desperately needs the job?! Talk about pressure! The old assistant (we'll call her the 'traitor' just for the purposes of this blog entry) posted an add online, and within 2 days, I had over 80 applications in my inbox (at which point I pleaded with the traitor to take the post down again). I felt like I should give every resume a fair go (I mean they did take the time to put it together), and it took AGES! Luckily, some of them were OBVIOUSLY terrible (couldn't spell, entire sentences didn't make sense, couldn't actually speak English, etc.) so that was great :) I had about 20 people that I thought we should interview, but luckily, the traitor was able to help me narrow it down. In the end we interviewed 4 people. And oh, how I agonized! 2 off them were obviously not as good as the other 2, so that was sad, but helpful! (like realizing you can exclude the entire satay side of the menu because you're allergic to peanuts).

But the other two were BOTH perfect!

It was a very traumatic few days! There was lots of hand holding from the traitor (why oh why is she leaving me?!) who sat in on interviews and was very gently helpful with her suggestions about which one she thought would be better, and I complained loudly enough that a few people at work have offered to conduct the interviews FOR me next time (thank goodness!)

But finally, (dare I say it) we had a decision! Calling the girl who didn't get it was hard (especially since I realized - as soon as she picked up the phone - that she'd thought she'd gotten the job). And now, I'm worrying about whether or not we made the right decision! Ahhh! The new girl seems lovely, and she was SO excited to get the job, so that was wonderful... And she's very capable... and very eager to learn... and very fast... but.... What if I should have ordered something else?!

She starts on Monday.

I'll let you know how she tastes - I mean, how she goes.


At least I didn't crash into the tree, right?

xo Tammy


sallysue said...

ooo, good job you, coming from a fellow tree dodger. I'm sure it'll work out. I especially like how you won't have to do it again, the, complaining loud enough part. I'm jealous. I wish I was better at that skill.

Jennsie said...

lol oh Tammy how i remember those times with you, waiting on you to decide what to eat!

Good job for choosing! I loved your blog, it made me laugh. I've been there, having to interview and decide. I actually enjoy doing it. You just need to be confident with your choices. You often make good choices so don't fret! You have a good head on your shoulders!

And as you can see i've commented for you! ;) Sorry you haven't heard from me in a while.

James and Abby said...

I think you should have hired one of those ones with the resume starting with "ferst of all, and mose importantly, yu must no that I am legally work in Astrayla".

Lol - our workplace cracks me up. I think it's cool that you get to hire people, and I don't know if you could have done it without that cool spy in reception telling you how they all acted when they came in. To be honest I'm slightly relieved that you didn't hire the one who thought she had the job, because her notes from the glass desk featured words like "snobby" and "intimidating". The girl you hired mentioned "wholesome" and reminded me of an old best friend. Then again, for a position which recently came up and was filled, the more outrageous person was hired, and has worked out b-e-a-utifully!

I think a wise move you made was to get other people's advice. When ordering dinner I stew over the menu for immense periods of time while everyone's tastebuds nearly fall out of their heads, then when meals come out I inevitably deeply regret my order and wish earnestly that I'd ordered what the person next to me got. If I'm in the fortunate position of being among good friends and family I offer persuasively to go halves with meals, and sometimes it works! Or I just order what they get, and then they roll their eyes and change their order (people are obsessed with variety at tables) and WANT to go halves with me!)

Something else I like to do is watch people at other tables receive their food and if I see anything tasty I ask for that! - If only there was some sort of warehouse where you could browse people 'at work'!

While we're on food analogies, I'd just like to reiterate that you, are creme brulee, and you will never be jell-o! I like to think I'm chocolate mousse! :)

PS: Cool 'have you checked out...' and 'it'll be up in about 5 minutes' code talk! ;)

breckster said...

Evidence that you are better person than I ever hope to be. You were worried about the applicants, I would just be worried about myself and getting someone who could help ME. There would be no thought to the applicant's life or why they applied for the job.