Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Reuben

Dear Reuben,

Happy Birthday sweetheart! I can't believe you're three already! I remember the day that you were born, and going to see you in the hospital for the very first time. You were very very tiny, and one of the most beautiful babies I had ever seen. It was so exciting, and it was wonderful to meet you. I got to hold you for a few minutes, and you were so light - we could all hold you with one arm! And of course, we could tell straight away what a special little boy you were going to be :)
As you got a little older, I loved coming over and playing with you while you're parents went out. Or sometimes, we all went out somewhere fun together. You're such a funny boy, and you always made us laugh!

So did you get lots of fun presents today?! And did you have a fun day with Mummy and Daddy?! I hope so :) I wish I could be there to give you a hug and celebrate your birthday with you, but I think we'll just have to settle for an email and a photograph this year :)

So happy birthday Reuben!

You're loved by people all over the world :)

xo Tammy


Sister Abby said...

Tammy YOU just broke the 'no photos of Tammy on the internet rule' so bite me! Thanks for commenting though, and sorry I didn't tell you about my blog! I just wanted to get it up and running first! :P You were obviously going to know because I wrote nice things about you and I can't resist telling people about things like that!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY REUBEN!!! I haven't met you - only read about you on my sister and your mum's blogs, but you sound wonderful and I wish I had met you :) - maybe when mum and dad come visit Tammy in Brisbane one day! Hope you have the best birthday ever!! :)

breckster said...

Reuben's response to the letter: "Tank you, Tammy! I had a dog birthday cake. what's her name? (Abby) what? (Abby) what? (Abby) But, where's Tammy? I need my box. I'm gonna go get my milk."

He says he remembers auntie tammy, and when I ask him what he remembers he says "Wall-e" :)

Sandy M. said...

Dear Tam,

The reason that I am more likely to write on Abby's blog than yours, is that she doesn't live in the same house that I do! With you, I can't help enjoying the experience of just telling you to your face what I think about everything! Being (literally) from another century, I'm old-fashioned about some things like that :)
However, since you indicate a preference for occasional non-face-to-face discourse, here goes:

......Blank..... I am a complete blank, even now..... What should I have said... ?

Brecken, Happy Birthday to Reuben!

Tammy, I love you, and I will see you at home! I hope you are having a lovely day.

I like your hat. You always look nice in hats. You make hats look good.
:) xxoo

charrette said...

Ah, yes, I remember when he was born too! He totally won me over from the moment I first laid eyes on him. I still love hearing about his adventurous days in NYC.
Cute photo of the three of you, btw!