Friday, September 11, 2009

Attention Peta

It's time you started writing a blog.

A few compelling reasons for my suggestion:
1) Everyone else is doing it
2) You've graduated (yay for you!), so it's not as if you need to study in the evenings
3) It doesn't even take very long - they can be really short posts
4) For example, this post is taking me about 3 minutes to write
5) I miss you, and I never have ANY idea what's going on in your life because talking on the phone once a year (as lovely as it always is), just isn't enough.
6) You made my join facebook
7) You're a wonderful, fun and interesting person, and the cyberworld is missing out.
8) I've asked you very nicely (please Peta), and I've dedicated a whole post to you.

Okay. I'm done.
Looking forward to reading about you soon.

xo Tammy

PS. All in favour say 'aye'...


Jennsie said...

LOL I love it! Peta does need to join. We should all join in a chant to peta - blog blog blog blog. You can do it! Lets see if she responds.

Gabi said...

Amen! Peta Godfrey needs a blog! Blog, blog, blog. Peta needs to blog, answer emails, text messages... Her life is too exciting right now and we're missing out.

emilysuze said...


Peta-you better cave to peer pressure and start writing a blog so we can keep up with you! :)

Abby said...

"AYE!" - For all the reasons listed in Tammy's post :) Plus then I could read all about your life too! xo

Sandy M. said...

I think...
it would be lovely to hear what you are doing with yourself Peta :)

Just what are you doing with yourself?

(Tammy, would you like me to copy this as a message for you occasionally? :)

Sara said...

Aye! :)