Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fresh faced

Mum's decided that she'd like to take photos of each of each us today for a project she's working on. And to save her time in photoshop afterwards (mum's an avid photoshoper of photos that need improvement), she's noted that the twins (my 17 year old brothers) could probably used a thorough face scrub to get off any layers of dead skin etc. etc. The solution: Cliniques 7-day scrub cream.

They resisted at first, but they should have known mum would win in the end.

It involved mum herding them around the kitchen with the tube of cream, until she'd managed to dab huge globs of the stuff on their faces. To be fair, she put giant globs of the stuff on her own face too, so that they could see exactly how it should be done.

Four minutes of vigorous face scrubbing then ensued, with all three of them standing shoulder to shoulder in the bathroom. Faces were rinsed, and the boys now look look incredibly fresh faced. But still manly.

And mum looks beautiful as always :)

xo Tammy


emilysuze said...

What good sports those twins are! :)

Sandy M. said...

We were bonding here.. It was one of those special moments a mother dreams of having with her children.. very beautiful really.
(wobbly smile, teary *sniff* :)

(Glob, anyone?)

Jennsie said...
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Jennsie said...

LOL that is a funny story! I can picture that actually happening. I miss you and your family! :)

Abby said...

LOL! The poor twins! Mum, you're meant to have those moments with girls! That's my favourite product, I bet the twins look better than they ever have before ;) Tammy this must have been fun to watch :) xo PS: See how avid us readers are?! Imagine our dissapointment when you don't post! (sob) :) xo

PS: The word verification is 'Voldener' - one wonders if it's a nickname for hewhomustnotbenamed?

Jonny and Jessima said...

I would have loved to have seen that. A picture would have been gold. One day we will get a pic :) I'm sure it wasn't as bad as the twins thought it would be. HEHE, oh this is funny!