Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Day at the Beach

A few weeks ago we had our Stake Youth Beach day, and in spite of my standard 'I hate sand' (almost as much as Jess hates snow... so that's a lot!), it was a really lovely day, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself :) Rather than plan a lot of structured activities, we just picked a sheltered beach on the spit down on the Gold Coast, where there's a roped off shark net area with a platoon for the kids to jump off and swim around in. We also set up beach volleyball, and hired a bunch of water craft (canoes, kayaks and water bikes) for the kids to play on. It started at 8 (so us leaders were there at 6:30am), and went until about 1pm. It was a really gorgeous day, not too hot at all (we're only in spring after all), and there was plenty of shade. I had a lovely lazy time chatting with kids and other leaders, and just relaxing! We put on a steak burgers lunch for them all, and had cut up watermelons for dessert. I've pasted some photos from the day bellow... watercraft, the 5 Priesthood Leaders it took to light the BBQ, shots of the beach and a picture of my brother Oliver :)

My assignment for the day was the watermelons, and I wish I'd thought to take photos of them! Bethany and I stopped by the local IGA on our way home from work the night before the activity, and filled (and I mean 'filled') a shopping trolley with watermelons! In fact, we emptied the stand, leaving only 3 lonely looking watermelons in the grocery department. It was really funny when we got to the checkout - everyone was laughing at us, and quite a line formed behind us while they processed them all. Everyone was in a friendly 'thank goodness it's Friday' mood I think, because there was no shortage of jokey banter between them all... my favourite was the two biker guys who said to us "You know you'll be known as the watermelon girls from now on!" *raucous laughter*
Anyway - lovely day all round. Even if it was at the beach!
xo Tammy


Jessica said...

How can you hate sand? That's just weird. Especially if you actually hate it as much as I hate snow.

emilysuze said...

I'm laughing at work thinking of all the melon jokes that come to mind. :) Looks like your activity was a great success and I wish I were close to sand, real sand, not just a beach with little dark pebbles. *sigh*

Justin said...

I love love the beach, but I do hate cleaning out all the sand afterward. I just also wanted to tell you how terribly we miss you and wish you a happy belated day commemorating your existence on the earth as a mortal. :)

Sandy M. said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it too Tammy :) No sandcastle competition? Do you remember the sand sculptures we made of Noah's ark, with all the animals? .. (or perhaps you weren't there that day :)

Abby said...

Beach Scrooge I'm impressed! You seem to have had an enjoyable day at the beach!!! From what I can gather, this may have been due to the lack of waves, the lack of you doing any swimming anyway, all the watermelon (watermelon girl, haha), it not being a really nice hot beach day, the shade (at the beach?!), or any other number of un-beach-like factors. I am glad you enjoyed it though!

You have to embrace the sand. I'm being sincere. Once you do, you will LOVE the beach! ... actually you'd probably have to embrace the sun, waves, BBQ's and swimming too...?

Bethany said...

hahaha. i miss the beach :(
well i've been back to that IGA since then and I haven't been called out as the watermelon girl so I'm a little disappointed that people haven't seemed to remember us!
mind you...i havne't had a licence so I havne't really been there much :S