Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Instructions in pain

This little treat is called the 'Stability Ball Jackknife'.

Sounds violent, right?

1) Brace your abs. Put your elbows on the bench and rest your shins on the ball.
2) With your arms straight and your back flat, your body should form a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles.
3) Keeping your back straight (don't round it), roll the ball as close to your chest as possible by contracting your abs and pulling it forward.
4) Pause and then return the ball to the starting position by rolling it backward.
5) Do NOT round your lower back.

I would add the following steps:

6) Grunt loudly.
7) Roll sideways off the ball and collapse sprawled out like a giant washed-ashore squid.
8) Vow NEVER to do it again
9).... you know, until tomorrow.....

On the upside - yesterday I wore an outfit I haven't been able to wear for almost a year. Ben gave me the thumbs up when he saw me. Nothing like encouragement from your 17 year old brother :)

xo Tammy


Erika Hill said...

I love stability ball jack-knife! Do you do it by bending your knees, or do go all the way and keep your legs straight?

For a bit of a less intense version, you can go into plank on the floor (forearms and elbows on the ground), and contract your abs to lift your behind into the air.

Exercise has its rewards. :)

Bec and Michael said...

Well done Tammy!
Personally I think you should reward yourself and go out and buy a new outfit! Fitting into old ones in the closet (no matter how beautiful) just isnt the same as splurging LOL!

Jonny and Jessima said...

Yay, go Tammy! You are awesome. I totally would be grunting and telling Jonny that I can't do it. He obviously would tell me not to give up, which I know is what he would tell you. I'm sure it has to get easier, right??

Yay for the outfit! Plus you are looking great!!!

Love you xo

Jonny said...

Haha, I remember these. They certainly take a little getting used to! Just remember...It's only 4 weeks and then you can choose another program...maybe one without stability ball jack-knives!! Good job though, I add my praise to that of Ben. That's an extra 8 years of credibility!

Abby said...

Haha I didn't even want to READ that post in too much detail for fear of hurting my muscles!! James and I were discussing how great you look just yesterday. Bless Ben! :) xo

Sandy M. said...

It sounds... I was going to write horrendous but am deciding on 'fun' instead. ;P
That's encouragement from your not 17 year old mother :)


Bethany said...

I don't understand the description of the exercise.
I think I'm going to need a visual demonstration Tammy


Lauren said...

hahaha! I LOVE this!

And yes.. I know.. i'm commenting on old post.. totally going back in time on your blog (may or may not be procrastinating SO MUCH from completing the last 500words of my assignment - i'm in one of those 'but it's basically done so I can just do it whenevs' modes.)

Ok .. the bracket in that comment was longer than the real words. So no more from me!