Friday, February 12, 2010


This conversation was panted out during our morning workout today:

B - I was so hungry at 6:30 last night after my shake, that I steamed a huge bowl of broccoli and ate the whole thing! Is that really bad?

T - No way! That's good. We can eat as many of the good vegetables as we like - as long as we don't eat them too late..... I was bad last night though.

B - Yeah?

T - Yeah, right before my shake I ate 3 olives.

About an hour later, the conversation suddenly struck me as funny! Look at us! Guilty over a bowl of broccoli and 3 olives :)

6 weeks and 9.2kgs down. Only the rest of my life and 9.2 million kgs more to go!


Jonny and Jessima said...

Those 3 olives could have a HUGE effect on your weight today Tammy. You better not jump on the scales - lol.

That is awesome your weight loss statistics. You must feel good inside. But keep going, I'm sure it will only get easier for you. You have already done the hard work - they say it takes 21 days to form a habit and you are doing fantastic!!!

Love you xo

Cowan Family said...

9.2kg is heaps - well done Tammy! That is a fabulous achievement.

Bec Davis said...


What a legend you are!! What is your secret? Are you doing a specific diet or are you just doing your own thing? Keep it up and I will try and join you in 4 months or so:0)

Abby said...

Tammy you're my hero! Very impressed. It's amazing what can happen when two people accidently continue to force each other to do crazy excercises every morning at 5am! Sooooo hot right now!!! :) xo

Oh, PS: Okay I think 9.2 million kgs being your weight loss goal is probably a bit unrealistic. Tammy if you really think you need to lose that much weight, you're probably anorexic, and should seek help. I'm actually quite interested in pursuing counselling, so if you'd like to come to me for said help, you're welcome to, and I'll give you a sistery discount... we'll do it over lunch :) xo

Bec and Michael said...

Hey! Great work Tammy!! Those are pretty awesome stats! What is your target? It cant be long now until you jetset your way across the world...I bet you're doing a calendar count-down thing, arent you!?
Keep up the fantastic work!

Chick chick-a-ding ooh-wah! (Reference McDonald's ad - oh SO funny!!)

Sandy M. said...

Looking good Tammy! :) We're proud of you!


Bethany said...

I am your biggest fan :)