Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Quote Board

This one's from Family Home Evening on Monday night.

DAD: (pointing suddenly at the engagement ring on Bethany's finger) Have you always had that ring?!

Total classic. She's only been wearing it since Robbie proposed in April.... If any of us ever dyed our hair, dad would have no idea who we were!

xo Tammy


emilysuze said...

Too funny!

P.S. My hair is now the color of your hair. Crazy! I'll post pictures when I get back from Chicago. :)

Sandy M. said...

We've had some really wonderful family quotes lately but haven't written any of them down, so, of course, I have forgotten every one... :)


Adlewiess said...

ha ha - I love your family's humour Tammy - you are all totally classic!!! xxx

Bethany said...

Lol. I remember that. We all just stopped...and looked at him. Before asking if he was being serious. Funniest thing is, he totally was! Lol.
He's a classic :)