Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A success 7 days in the making!

Just thought you'd like to know that yesterday was finally a successful 'getting healthy' day... after a string of 7 'not so successful' days!

- Ate perfectly
- Drank an entire inland lake's worth of water
- Went 12km on the cross trainer (while watching 1 and a half episodes of 24)

Weighed in this morning expecting to have lost 6kgs overnight, and the scales let me down... pretty sure they must be broken... will have to buy new scales I suppose ;)

By the way, I've decided that the best way to start a diet is to spend the first week eating really badly, and eating too much of everything. By Sunday night I felt so sick that I actually wanted to get back into the fruit/vege/exercising thing. Can you believe it?!!! I guess I just don't handle bad food as well as I did last year! lol!

I've been looking online, and I think my next big holiday (which won't be for another year or two) should be in South America. I've got my eye on the most amazing 24 day trip: Cruising down the Amazon, hiking the Inca Trail, Machu Pichu and then flying out to the Galapolas Islands and sailing/snorkeling all through there. How awesome does THAT sound?! James and Jessima are all up for the Inca Trail climb too. Takes 3-4 days, and looks pretty difficult (although according to my research, once you finally get over Dead Woman's Peak the trek gets easier! lol!). I'm also working on convincing Jenny that she should come too :)

(My first choice was actually Antarctica, but Jenny said that would be to cold... hahahaha!)

xo Tammy

PS. Read the most adorable post on my friend Felicity's blog, and though you might enjoy it. What little girl doesn't absolutely adore her daddy?! I'm pretty sure I was planning to marry mine for several years there... ;)


emilysuze said...

You are so amazing! I would like to brag that I've now eaten super healthy and exercised for TWO WHOLE days! Yay! And now I'm about to fly to Chicago for my friend's wedding and kill my success. :)

I think South America sounds pretty dang amazing. My brother did some hiking in Peru and loved the experience. I bet I could strap Parker to my back and meet you for the trek. ;) Riiiiiight.

Justin said...

I volunteer to be your Portuguese-speaking guide through Brasil--please make that a stop on your next adventure (and I can finagle Spanish as needed!)

Sandy M. said...

Excellent, Tam!!!
I was going to exercise by going for a swim today - but my lake had dried up...

(There were several years there when your ambition was to grow up and marry your Daddy! :)


J said...

Keep it up Tammy.

Abby said...

Lol Jonny what do you want to do while our spouses are climbing the Inca trail with our sister?? Take our children (left with a single parents) on a holiday to Hawaii with Mum and Dad?? Actually probably just Dad, I'm assuming Mum will be up the mountain with Tammy, Jess & James.

Tammy, you rock! And Adventure Tammy is amazing!!! xoxox

Abby said...

PS: Brecken if you're bored while Justin is up the mountain being a speaking guide you and the boys are welcome to come to Hawaii with us!!

Jonny and Jessima said...

I'm glad you had some success. You just need to keep at it now :) I bet it felt really good too! Keep going Tammy!!!!

Tell me when and where and I will be treking it with you. Hopefully it will be the near future, not the distant one when we are old.

Hope you have a great day, dreaming about your next trip!

Felicity said...

YAY for successful days of eating and exercising right!! I bet you felt FANTASTIC at the end of the day :)

I laughed at your comment about the scales being broken....haha so often I have thought the same thing about mine when I don't like the number looking back at me :)

Keep it up!!

ps) your trip sounds AMAZING!! South America is WAY up there on Chad's wish list of places to go trekking!!


Jennsie said...

Girl you know i'm coming with you to south america. It sounds sooo fun and very excited :)
So I'll start saving for it. How much is it again?