Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Worst news EVER

We don't have a possum.

We have "groups of rats" living in the roof.

I can't even begin to tell you how grossed out I am. The pest man assures us it's not because we live in a dirty house (*sob*) especially since it's a brand new house and we've only lived here for 4 months. Apparently there's a plague of rats since the floods in January - but you only know about it if they've moved into your house.

Again, I'm so grossed out. The pest guy wanted to kill them for us yesterday, but he couldn't get onto the real estate agents to confirm that he could go ahead (*insert MASSIVE eyeroll here*), so I'll be emailing/calling/begging all day today that they call him and approve it, because I can't sleep another night in this house with 'groups of rats' keeping me up all night. *so so so gross*.

Brett and Michelle at work have taken great delight in our 'investation' though, and haven't stopped sending me rat-related you-tube links. Just between you and me, this one's my favourite...

Wish us luck!
xo Tammy

PS. Have I mentioned how TOTALLY grossed out we are?! No one leaves any doors or windows open AT ALL any more....


Jonny and Jessima said...

Ew!!! I think rats are disgusting. I would want them gone NOW too!!!! If there is a problem I like it fixed straight away.

Your youtube clip was funny. I liked at the end when it said "rated PG", something like that looks like it should be rated M. hehe, anyway, if the rats aren't gone by the weekend, at least you will be at camp :)

Beth and Robbie said...

Hahahaha, I love that it's meant to be a horror movie but it's the 1970's and of course it's not scary in the slightest. My favourite is the rat attacking the man who's pretending to convulse.
Maybe you too will consulve if one attacks?
I'm with you on the *massive eyeroll* about the real estate approval. What a horrible drag!
Forgiveness later I say!
Well I hope it all goes well and they all die, die, DIE!
Keep us all informed :D
Bethstar xoxoxox

Beth and Robbie said...

Reading back on all your old posts, it's very entertaining to hear all about the saga while knowing the end result - it only gets worse.


Poor Tam :P
Love you! xoxoxoxo
PS. I HATE my silly blog. Dumb no-title-section thing. Darn you and Abby and Mum for distracting me (with chocolate - so not so bad) from my plan to make you all fix it!

Felicity said...

Oh I feel your pain Tammy!! I'm still traumatised by a rat that was found dead in the room where I was staying once....shudder at the thought :) Hopefully by now the problem is all fixed!! xo

Brodi Ika said...

This is so hilarious only because I can imagine just how grossed out you are right Its been a few weeks since you posted this so I'm hoping that you've had a good outcome since. Happy rat

Abby said...

I'm still sitting here in shock with my mouth hanging inelegantly wide open.. Is that trailer for real??!! It was horrifying!! (I'm not completely sure if that was because of the film itself, or the horrible film-making, but either way...!) Eeww!!
So, do we have names for your new pets yet? :)

Sandy M. said...

Sigh. That was me, signed in as Abby, who uses my computer as her own...


Beth and Robbie said...

Oi! Time for another post!!! Been doing anything interesting lately? I'll know, if you write about it on your blog... lol.

Missing you tonnes TOO!!!

Charlene said...

And we are so greatly blessed that we are out of there! hence I don't think finding a fat rat at our new house was a pleasure either! Gross!!!