Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wonderful - Day 6: "I haven't lost my mind; I have a tape back-up somewhere!"

I actually don't know exactly what I'll blog about tonight... Oh dear. I should probably have figured this out before I sat down to write! Today was exhausting, and I'm absolutely brain-dead. I was at work, thinking, typing, talking, phoning, calculating, directing, and emailing at a frenetic warp-speed pace from 6:30am this morning until 9:00pm this evening, and I'm totally and completely spent. At least all of todays' huge deadlines have been met, which (if I do say so myself) is pretty impressive really! If you'd all just known how much there was to do! Mind you, tomorrow comes with it's own huge set of deadlines. So I'm thinking of just being in denial and refusing to go to bed tonight so that it won't be tomorrow. And on the upside, I'm so behind on EFY stuff at the moment, so staying up all night might work really well - think of the things I could get done!

Anyway, back to the task at hand: today is NOT going to be the day you hear about how 'wonderful' by job is! lol :)

On the way home, I was trying to think about something wonderful to blog about, but I really couldn't come up with anything! There's plenty of wonderful things IN my life, I just couldn't focus on anything long enough to decide on something.

Finally I thought - "Grrr! I can't even think! My brain is all used up!" Which led me to think "hmmm... My brain. I'm grateful I have a good brain that usually works.... maybe I'll blog about that... it's ironic though, to blog about having a good brain when you can't think straight... yeah, but you can't think straight because you used it all up today... yeah, but lucky you had the kind of brain that was able to direct those three jobs in post production and write those 4 big proposals today! That was a mammoth effort (go me!) and you're lucky your brain was up to it!... Yeah, but now it's all deflated! Wait! Am I have a conversation with myself again?! So sad!"

When I sat down to write this post, I thought "maybe I'll just find a funny quote about brains, and then that can be my post and I won't have to think of anything to write!' (which I thought was a bit of a brainwave). Of course then I started coming across quotes about insanity, and they sounded more fitting really. Here are some of my favourites:

“Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most”
-Mark Twain

Insanity is often the logic of an accurate mind overtasked. ~Oliver W. Holmes, Sr

The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four Americans is suffering from some form of mental illness. Think of your three best friends. If they're okay, then it's you. ~Rita Mae Brown

Might we not say to the confused voices which sometimes arise from the depths of our being: "Ladies, be so kind as to speak only four at a time?" ~Madame Swetchine

Classic, right?! Also loved the one I put in title of this post... which is extra funny if you were at work with me today! Sadly, none of you were. (new low: Not only am I talking to myself, but now I'm also having in-jokes with myself!)

Anyway! In summary: I love that I have a brain that usually works. I love to use it to think about things, and write about things, and read and talk about things. And I'm grateful that it's only this useless when the occassional crazy-busy-five-projects-due-at-once day mixes with the not-so-occassional hormonally-blamed-lack-of-abilty-to-think-straight day!

I'm really glad those days don't collide too often :)

xo Tammy


Beth and Robbie said...

Hahahaha, when I read your title I was trying to think what the post would be about. Some childhood tape or something was my guess lol.
..I was wrong :)
But this was funnier anyway.

KUDOS to YOU for surviving and beating that day!! Sounds awful :( I'm glad you had a good brain to do it :)

I love you!

Sandy M. said...

I'm glad your brain usually works too. It gives me someone to converse with when I'm in danger of starting to talk to my self.
Love the quotes! :)

Lauren said...

Ok. Don't judge me but I totally just googled 'tammy munro blogspot' to see if you had a blog.. because I am slightly blog obsessed at the moment. and you're not at work i had to google you - it makes complete sense! anyway.. then I found you! and then you had a post about work! crazy!

Gosh. 9pm? you poor thing :( A 'wonderful' series is such a lovely idea though :) x

Just ME said...

Thankyou for a good laugh!!! I really did just laugh out loud - quite hard. Sorry!
And you know what? That's another really wonderful thing about you - you have an AWESOME sense of humour!
But yes, it's wonderful to have a brain and to be glad that we aren't in that very high percentage of people with a mental illness. Or are we?!?!?!

Sandy M. said...

ps We have nine people in our original family. Nine.

Now it's thirteen.

(I'm not including JJ and MA, because that is just too easy...)

Shall we take a vote? .. Insanity by popular majority?


Abby said...

Insanity runs in my practically gallops!!

PS: Word verification is 'dying las' - appropriate as I can hear Maggie wailing in the background like her heart is breaking (don't worry - she's on her way to sleep..)

Abby said...


Appropriate, anyway. And I like the way your brain works also. I feel like you're the closest I get to knowing how the twins feel!

And you TOTALLY rock doing all that work :) You don't even have a particularly inspiring escritoire to work at!!

And aren't you glad you have trained your fingers to keep up with your brain when typing?! Wouldn't it be awful if they couldn't?! :) Those proposals would NOT be finished, ew!

So are you going to schedule the next couple of days' posts???

You could write about wonderful views before you see them or something??

Bec and Michael said...

Another top post Tammy :)

I, too, had a mammoth day today and sitting here thinking, 'I really liked that, what can I say about it??'

Suffice it to say, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it :)