Monday, February 23, 2009

Bits and Bobs

Friday, when I got home from work, there was a really cutely wrapped present waiting on my pillow! My mum had ordered "Together Again For the First Time", a movie I worked on in my last year at BYU. It's out on a DVD now, and I hadn't seen it yet. It was really thoughtful of her, and I had fun watching it :) It was like a fun little trip down memory lane. It's a little record of several really great weeks in the middle of a several really bad months, and reminded me just how kind Heavenly Father is too us all.

Emily, I know that Parker will come 'when he's ready', but seriously! When is his actual due date? I keep checking your blog over and over because I'm all nervous and excited about his arrival :) I don't know how I'm going to go through all of this again in September with Brecken and baby Cook! *long, melodramatic sigh*

My brother's engagement party is on this coming Saturday. It's a tropical theme (luau), and our family (aka Mum with our help) are in charge of decorations! It should be a very good night. We'll be up decorating most of the day. mum's got flowers and banana leaves, and laes, and lights and palm trees!... The list goes on - I'll have to send you photos.

And guess who'll BE at this engagement party? Jenny! Ahhhh! So exciting - she's coming for a 1 week visit :) She flies into Perth for a month on Thursday of this week, and then is turning around to fly to Brisbane on Friday. She'll be here for a whole week, and we're going to 'do Brisbane'... I'm taking a week off work, and I'm almost as excited about THAT as I am about Jenny's visit.... lol

Tomorrow, I'm buying a car! Ahhh! It's a very cute car, and it's way more expensive than I had ever planned to spend.... I've been worrying and worrying for 2 and a half weeks over this purchase, and I'm finally biting the bullet. I'm hoping I'll be more excited when I actually drive the thing, because right now, I'm just stressing about how much money it all costs :( Stay tuned.

I followed a link on the church website yesterday, and stumbled on a new youtube channel that the church is sponsoring. It's called Mormon Messages and if you haven't seen them already, it's worth a look. I think the church has done a really nice job of producing little bite size videos on various ideas and themes, and I really liked them.

Okay, that's all for now - must run!

xo Tammy


emilysuze said...

I'm just as tired of you as hearing the phrase, "When he's ready he'll get here." Just get here already. I'm also tired of people asking if I'm having sex and taking long walks. Jeez. So none of anyone's business!

Can't wait to see pictures of the engagement party and of the new car! Will you be naming this new one as well or do you think that jinxed Errol?

And sounds like next week will be so much fun with Jenny coming for a whole week and being able to skip out on work for a whole week! Hooray!

P.S. My good friend Kim will be posting any updates on baby news as she gets them. Chris has her number and will be calling and/or texting her as things progress. :)

emilysuze said...

If things ever progress...

Billy and Button said...

What a great gift from your mum! And what do you mean.."If I had talent, I'd make a video"? You studied film at uni and work as a producer! You got bucket loads of talent so you could make any type of video you want! And and I used Windows Movie Maker :D I'm looking forward to seeing ur new car too :D

Petamay said...

I'm soooo jealous that jenny gets to visit you! I wish I could come and visit. Well hopefully it will be in about a years time! :) I hope you have fun! I miss your guts!!

Petamay said...

P.S. See every now and then I do read you blog! I just don't always comment. :)

Jennsie said...

Oh my gosh Peta actually made a comment on your blog. I'm jealous, wish she would do the same with my blog!
I'm soo excited to see you. Only 4 days to go :) We are going to make this trip the best ever!
See you soon!

emilysuze said...

You better be right about Saturday! I want this boy to be a February baby! Oh heck, I just want a freakin' baby already! :)

Sandy M. said...

Tammy, Love the movie, love the car, love the Mormon messages!
Love you!

Eli and Kara said...

What kind of car are you buying? You will have to post a photo. I didn't even know your brother was engaged...who is he marrying?

Have a great week!

Sister Abby said...

Tammy yay for Jenny coming!!! I know how much you'll be looking forward to it (even though I haven't seen you for what seems like forever cause we're both in work caves!) :) I'm amazed that you're taking a week off work, that's awesome! The Luau should be great! - don't forget your coconut shells, ha-ha-ha :)

I can't wait to see "TogetherAgainForTheFirstTime!" - is it as long as it's title?! Is it marvellous?! :)

Must go, see you soon, love you xo

emilysuze said...

Your baby birth date mojo is off. It's already February 28th on your side of the world and I am not even close to popping out a kid. :(

I have eleven more days for Parker to decide to come on his own, otherwise, my midwife will be inducing me on March 10th.

Sister Abby said...

Um, so, now YOUR journal's compaining.



charrette said...

That was amazingly thoughtful of your mum. But make sure you get a chance, someday, to see the actual director's cut. It's like a completely different movie. (And I'm not just saying that because I sleep with the director!) :)

It makes me happy that that production experience was a good one for you. You were certainly a bright spot on the set.

Sister Abby said...

Tammy I gave you a blog award :) It's on my blog xoxox