Monday, February 9, 2009

A hop, skip & a jump

Today, to get to work by 7am, I will be:

1) Walking a few blocks to the bus stop
2) Catching the 5:58am bus at Lyndale Street approaching Marana St
3) Arriving at Edward St approaching Mary Street at 6:42am
4) Walking 235 metres (according to Translink - my online trip planner) to the Eagle St ferry terminal
5) Catching the Eagle street ferry at 6:57am
6) Arrive at the Holman Street Ferry Terminal (across the river) at 7:02am
7) and walking 180 metres to the front door of my office

a) This is a succinct public transport option, really. And I'm glad it's not any worse!
b) I can read on a bus/ferry (unlike a car) so that's fun.
c) I love the river, so the 3 minute ferry ride is always pleasant - especially first up in the morning, or late in the afternoon (love that light on the water!)
d) Unfortunately, it's not fun enough to make me want to do the public transport thing permanently
d) I would really, really, like to find a car that works now.

xo Tammy

PS. My watch stopped working yesterday.... Ahhh! What will I do without my watch?! Does nothing work anymore?!


Sandy M. said...

I'm working.... :)

Billy and Button said...

Well I didnt realize the Munro's were a family of bloggers! So far I have visited yours, your dad's, your mum's and Johnny and Jessima's blog! Very nice! This is Kaili by the way! :D xx

emilysuze said...

What a cute way to show how you'll be getting to work since Errol decided to stop working. What a bum. :)

breckster said...

Kinda makes you not want to go, huh? I dream of the day where it is plausible to have a car again, its nice to be doing my part to save the earth but I'm looking forward to not being so green all the time.

(it takes us 8 minutes to walk to the subway station, we usually just miss a train so have to wait for another 5-10 minutes, then the train takes 20 minutes to get to the stop we need for church, and then waiting for the crossing lights to change so we can get to church, it takes 40 minutes on the worst days and 30 on the good days to get to church and we only live 3 miles away.)

Sandy M. said...

I have a blog!!???

GAYLE said...

You're lucky your watch stopped. Now you don't have to know that you're out of the house at that hour!
P.S. Are you anywhere near all the fires we're hearing about?

Sister Abby said...

Hahaha - you have to catch the bus and ferry and WALK about a K a day!!! :) I love it.

But I do have an upside! - Can you guess what it is? I'll give you a hint: men in small white council cars and caps, fights between Tama and the cap-wearing gentlemen about driving cars around the block every 2 hours, rainy days bringing feelings of safety and triumph, chalk men emails, Shelley being way more unlucky than anyone...

No $50 fines for a while!! :) And a great opportunity to do missionary work on the bus... wipe that 'don't talk to me I'm reading my book expression off your face miss!' lol..


PS: Brecken you sound like you have it way harder! I'm terrible at being green :S
PPS: Just for Gayle's peace of mind, Tammy is nowhere near the terrible bushfires. But they're still going and thoughts and prayers all over the country and I think the world are with those who are... one of my kids at school the other day was telling me he wishes we could airlift parts of england and tip them over Victoria! Bless grade 6-ers :)

Sandy M. said...

Tammy, I do have a blog! (As you know, having helped me - thank you again :)

The address is:

Have a great day!