Sunday, February 1, 2009

My fabulously interesting life x 28

I've gotten into the bad habit of replying "absolutely nothing" whenever someone who hasn't seen me in a while (usually because I tend to hide from 'people'), asks "So, what's new?" or "So what have you been up to lately?" They're friendly questions, and I realize that they're just trying to start a conversation, but the questions always makes me cringe, because in my very Eeyore way, I usually feel like I literally have nothing to tell them about my life!

I've been thinking lately, that this is a really negative way to look at things. Especially since the truth is that there are lots of positive and great things going on in my life. They might be small, and maybe work is the biggest thing in my life (which, admittedly, is a pretty boring way for life to be), but I suspect that there are more exciting and interesting things going on, and that I'm just out of the habit of paying attention to them, or being grateful for them. My crazy and ever growing family, for example, could fill volumes of a best-selling memoir (or at least supply endless fodder for Justin's screen-writing classes). So my life obviously can't be as drudgery-ish as my internal moaning monologues make it seem.

So, in an attempt to teach myself a little more gratitude for the incredibly charmed and blessed life that I do indeed lead, in an attempt to dwell more on the positives and the opportunities and possibilities that life holds, and in an attempt to have my friends stop begging for more consistent blog entries, I thought I'd try something new in February: I'm going to post something every day. I warn you that on some days it will probably be short (Brecken suggests that if I can teach myself to write short entries on occasion, than I'll realize that it's actually not as hard to 'blog' as I always think it is); I warn you that what I end up deeming 'of interest' may not actually be interesting; and I warn you that I'll probably get mopey if I don't get comments back on each of these posts (how needy am I?!). But I'm hoping it will be fun :)

So tonight, the experiment begins! Drum roll please.......

Okay, now go post a comment :)

Till tomorrow.....
xo Tammy


breckster said...

You picked a great month to try to post every day. I hope it sticks so I can get 30 posts in a row some day.

Tammy Lorna said...

28 Brecken! February's the shortest month in the year... haha!

xo Tammy

Sandy M. said...

You think we're crazy... !?
I mean... them?

emilysuze said...

Hooray for 28 posts in a row! If I happen to go into labor before the end of the month, can I a reprieve on not commenting on all of your posts? :)

Sister Abby said...

I love every day posting from you! I've been reading them backwards. Funny and convenient that February is the shortest month in the year!

Everyone always talks with a soft reverence about you and your life - your exotic producing lifestyle, your fun bubbly personality.

Love you lots, looking forward to heaps more blogs.

An IMPORTANT note: Bethy's B'day present we discussed going in on together. Can we still do it?! We're keen! I have something fun and adorable to add, that goes with it, so we HAVE to do it! Let's do it, before they sell out of them - I'm slightly paranoid of this... Unless you don't want to... ? :)


Bethany said...

ABBY: Important note!!

Tammy made me promise i'd for once look at her blog and then write a comment seeings as she's going to the effort of writing them and i have nothing better to do at work anyway; so just for the record, if you're going to talk about my b'day, either lose the code or keep it a complete secret cos now i'll be READING it now! :D:d

...actually you know what i've changed my mind...thats way less fun!...keep doing what you're's mysterious but interesting, becuase it keeps me curious but i'm really not all that curious a person for it to really bother. i figure i'll find out when i find out....tammy on the other hand would be a COMPLETELY different story :)

But yes Tammy i know what you mean :) people always me what i'm doing with myself and i just say 'oh, you know, same old same old.' I don't see what you think is wrong with that answer. totally informative from my point of view. and seriously, mum thinks i don't volunteer enough information when I talk!??!