Saturday, March 27, 2010

Greetings from LA! (Well, from the airport anyway)

Have to be quick-ish here, because my plane for Seattle leaves shortly (yay Emmy! can't wait to see you!). But the news is that I've arrived in LA and am safe and alive. LAX is the same as I remember it, and I still don't like it very much. The same old people trying to get money from you for 'the homeless', the same dirty floors and long lines. BUT, it means that I'm officially on my holiday, which is very exciting. The flight wasn't too bad at all - was really nice to be flying with B instead of on my own. I didn't get a very good sleep, but I at least got SOME sleep, which is more than B (who managed to fit several movies in, but would rather have slept). Have freshened up and had a quick bite to eat (chicken/shredded cabbage salad). Actually, my 'freshen up' and bathroom stop made me laugh at myself a little, I was going from cubicle to cubicles checking for a toilet that wasn't blocked, and got through about 8 stalls before I remembered that the water level in the toilets here is much higher than at home :) How quickly we forget things like that! At least it meant that there weren't several blocked toilets in a row, because that would have been really bad service! lol :)

Okay - better run and get that plane. Just wanted to let you know I landed safely. Will write again soon!

xo Tammy


Erika Hill said...

I'm excited to see you sometime! I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Sandy M. said...

Good morning Tammy! I just logged on to see if there was an news of you (there is! :) - Dad tells me that you should be in Seattle by now. Thank you for the quick update. How are you posting?
I'm glad your flight was ok :)
I could never forget the toilet bowl level difference thing - it made such an impression on me! So strange for us!
Also strange to have your bedroom here all empty of you!
Love from all of us here!


Sandy M. said...

Dad here. Hi Tammy! I heard it rains a lot in Seattle. Hope they turn it off for a week. Time to kick off and have a great holiday.

love, Dad

Bethany said...

I finally understand why high school kids in movies flush peoples heads in the toilets...

Abby said...

I'm so glad you're safe! And that you're blogging regularly!!! :) And that you got to sleep on the plane!!! And that the toilet service isn't that bad!! :) And that Bethany is part of our family xoox

ClaireM said...

So jealous right now that you are in the states and I'm not only sitting here in Brisbane but that I am at work as well!! But I'm glad that you got there safely and hope that you have and awesome holiday! relax and enjoy!