Saturday, March 27, 2010

Seattle the beautiful

Okay, I LOVE Washington! (state, not DC... I can still remember finding out that they were different places - that was interesting! Very confusing, but good to know!). Anyway, this place combines my love of water (rain and sounds and bays and rivers) and my love mountains and all things green. No wonder they film so many beautiful movies here. The place is breathtaking. Lots of pretty bridges as well. I really enjoyed the 1 and a half hour drive from the airport back to Emily's place.

But I jump ahead of myself. The last time I wrote, I was standing at an internet kiosk in LAX airport, typing as fast as I could because my flight was leaving in 25 minutes. So if that post made any sense, I'll be impressed with myself :) The flight was long. Well, it felt long. I was sick of travelling, and really just wanted to 'get there'. And then the flight was delayed an hour because there was a problem with the refueling truck. Or something like that, I'm not actually sure because I got on the plane, sat down and immediately fell asleep - I was just exhausted! When I woke up 45 minutes later, we were still on the tarmac and the pilot was coming over the loud speaker to say that we were finally ready for take off. The delay, combined with a 'strong headwind' meant that we were an hour late!

Poor Emily! She was waiting at Seattle/Tacoma airport for me with her GORGEOUS little boy, baby P (who was really well behaved considering he had to spend that hour in the stroller). They didn't tell them the flight was delayed, so Emily was increasingly concerned that I was lost somewhere in the airport! By the time I finally arrived, I think she was on the verge of having my name read out over the loud speaker (sidenote: this is another disadvantage of people without cellphones... they can't call anyone when their plane gets delayed...)

It was SO SO SO wonderful to see Emily! On the one hand, it's been so long and our life as roommates seems so long ago. But on the other hand, it was as if we'd never been apart. She's such a wonderful friend, and I was just so excited the second I saw her. And I know I've already said it, but this son of hers is just gorgeous! And he knows it too :) He's only 1 year old, but boy can he turn on the charm for the ladies :)

The drive back to her place was wonderful. Just fun to talk and catch up, and the scenery really was beautiful - can't wait for the rest of the week now. More fun and talking and sight-seeing. When we got back to her house, C had already cooked dinner, and it was really yummy. We had salmon steaks grilled to perfection, with mashed potato, and then Emmy cooked some delicious carrots. I know, I said delicious. Even though carrots are vegetables :)

It's so fun to see Emily again, and to be seeing C and baby P in person - although they look just like they do on the blog pictures, so I feel like I already know them. And they've got such a lovely home. It's a cute little townhouse, and Emily's done a really, really, really lovely job doing it up. Beautiful pictures and decorations and homey touches. She's a budding interior designer I'd say. I feel a little bad that Baby P has been kicked out of his room for the next week, but I do love his room, and am a little excited to be staying in there :) Cutest pictures and animal trimmings everywhere. You'd love it Abby.

Okay, I'd better go. We're watching a movie at the moment, and we'll all head off to bed soon. The adventures will no doubt continue tomorrow. Am having such a good time, and am really happy to be here with such wonderful friends, even though I'm missing everyone at home.

xo Tammy

PS. For those of you wondering about B, Emily and I gave her a quick call before, and everyone is 'good' :) So glad and happy for her!


emilysuze said...

Well, we are just so happy that you're here with us and we can be tourist together! I love, love, love that you've finally gotten to meet my boys in person and seen what a big softy C can be (wasn't he just adorable while watching Bridget Jones with us?).

And Starburst Jelly Babies. Why are they not in the U.S.?!? You've now gotten me addicted to yet another Australian treat...drat.

P.S. Good job on picking out a cute shirt for Baby P and AWESOME job on the present for C. He will definitely be the talk of the boat when he goes back to work on Monday!

Now I really need to get to bed so I'm ready for tomorrow's big adventure in Sequim and the Olympic National Park.

Thank you to your family for letting us have you for a few days!

Sandy M. said...

If C's present is what I think it is... :) (Dad is chuckling)
I could NOT figure out who 'B' was for at first - was rather con..fu...s.ed.. :) Glad everyone is 'good' :)
Was it raining when you arrived in S?
We're having games here guessing at names for P. My vote is for Percival :)
D, B and O, and B (and JAM and JJJJ) are all very well. JAM brought over the gift you helped to buy for M (D and I put in too) today - it's bright and colourful and looks great.
The NewJ is so cute! You can see new photos of him on M's photography blog - LittleGirlJ is also there, and cute as ever :)
Well I had better go - have GD to prep. for. Dad's back from the fb
- Titan's won :)

Bye for now. I hope U have A g8 day t'morrow :)


Tammy Lorna said...

Are you MOCKING Me mum?!

lololololol :)

xo Tammy

PS. Just got up. It's 10am. I was supposed to get up at 6am so I've kind of ruined the day! Ahh! Am moving quickly now though :)

Jessica said...

I hope you will be in Utah over a weekend so I can see you, because I have a 7-week stretch where there are no breaks from school. Can't wait to hear the complaints from my students. Anyway, I definitely want to get together when you are here, so let me know.

Jonny said...

Hey T,
J here. I 2 would like 2 mock you a little bit. Not necessarily because of all the letters you were using, but because it just seems like such a fun thing to make fun of. Me and J laughed a lot when we read it. Glad to hear U are good and having fun with E, C and P. Glad B is ok too. As for us, we're doing good. J took J to the hospital to get J and J, and J was a little happier to see J than she was the first time. J also had fun seeing J. J had a photoshoot yesterday (some pictures on FB and our B) and J was very well behaved. J also made an appearance. J's been feeding J well, and J has been taking care of J. J and J have both had plenty of nappies for J and J to change, and while things are busy, J J J and J are all doing well! J had an early night last night, followed by J, then J and J. J slept for 4 hrs which was great for J, and then J didn't wake up until 7 which was also good for J and J. Right now J is resting and then we'll all head to C! Keep having fun in W. Can't wait to read your next P!

Sandy M. said...

I laughed SO much at J's post. I can't wait till their family grows some more :)

(Tammy, am just a teensy, little bit muffed at the suggestion that I would ever mock you. I thought it was just a little fun game you were playing that I could join. Or a brief exercise in subterfuge. I'm not offended though :)


ndmunro said...

Hi T

D here. Been at C all day. Visited with the A family on my way home today. It was great. They accepted the invitation to get ready to go to the Temple. So that was great. D asked after you today. He asked after B 2. I said you were great. V, A and M spoke in church today. A went overtime and messed it up for M. The Priests quorum was good today. J taught the lesson and B, O, A, N and I all participated well. I had a nice interview with C after church. He has only been a member for a month. he is doing well. O has stayed for all the other wards as usual and B B M(C) and I are home. We will have Silverside for dinner with Cauliflower Au Gratin.

Bye for now


Bethany said...

J,J,J and J's P was hilarious. I wish I could match it but doing so means I will have to talk about lots of different people (preferably with the same initials) and I'm not sure if I can be bothered doing that.

I will say though that I am very impressed for reading and commenting on your B. Such a wonderful S I am :)

That horror news for today is that M and B decided to set up a PC in my room. My beautiful, happy, precious bedroom space and they want to defile and ruin it. It's not just about the asthetics (cos let me tell you, the PC does NOTHING for asthetics) but the whole 'invasion of personal space and privacy' issue. The Ts will want to be in my room allll the time! I had to go into M's room earlier just to talk on the phone. I plan to do this a lot so that M begins to see just how inconvenient this whole set up is and hopefully change her mind :) :)

Anyways, that's my news! Glad to hear you're alive and having fun with E, C and P in W. Can't wait to hear more!
Much love,
B xo

Abby said...

Yay!!! Washington STATE sounds fantastic and beautiful, I wish I could see what you're seeing - lots of photos, please! :) It sounds awesome catching up with Emily and the boys, I'm glad you're having fun!!! Should I tell Mum what P's name is and put her out of her misery?? :) xo