Friday, March 26, 2010

Serious withdrawals!

I didn't realise just how attached to my iphone I have become! Did you know, that once you leave your iphone on your bedside table and head off to the airport without it, there are a whole bunch of things you can no longer do? It's true. You can't check your emails (hotmail, gmail and work), and you can't use the internet. That means no blogs, no facebook, now msnbc news page, basically no connection with the outside world AT ALL. I'm not sure how we all used to LIVE like this?! Oh, AND I can't call anyone! I realized I'd forgotten to phone the bank and tell them I was heading overseas. So you know what I did? I used a payphone! A payphone people! (I'm pretty sure there were heaps of germs on it too, so that was a little bit scary.... but I figure people used to use pay phones all the time and no one ever died.... that I heard of anyway...).

Anyway, I got a little excited to see this 'internet station' and gladly deposited my$2. Okay, so it was B's $2... I cleaned all of the Australian money out of my purse since 'I wouldn't need it anymore'. Thank goodness B doesn't think like me :)

Okay, so the Brisbane International Airport. It's been a few years since I was here, but it's looking good - some renovations have been completed and the place looks pretty great. In fact, the Brisbane International Airport was recently voted 18th in the world, and was the only Australian airport to make the top 25 list! So it's not a bad place to hang out for the extra half hour that our flight has been delayed :) Part shopping mall, part lounge area, part food court. All with a great view of the planes. We may even have some Subway for lunch... a wrap, not a breadroll ;)

But my $2 is about to run out, so I'd better leave it at that. Am looking forward to getting underway. Mainly so that I get some sleep I think - I'm exhausted! I've promised B I'll get excited when I wake up again - lol!

Thanks to those who have commented on my previous post - keep them coming :)

Love to all!
xo Tammy


breckster said...

I always tell justin, "I'll be excited once I get there."

Safe travels!

Anonymous said...

Ahahaah....the germy pay phone! Love it :)

Have a fab time
Michelle x

Bethany said...

Sometimes I am a little unsure of our true relationship. Sisters? We're totally opposites! In some things anyway. I will just say this:

I am going to lick every single piece of cuttlery, all the cups, straws, plates, WHATEVER that you eat off from now on until you overcome your germ phobia.

I do this for your own good :)

Abby said...

Haha - I can picture you using the payphone. You sort of look like Miles from Frasier - tissues everywhere lol!

Bethany do you seriously like using things with germs all over them? So very odd...