Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Travelling.... good for your health?

Okay, so I've been having a fabulous time (we all know that), and have been eating lots of yummy food. I have been doing a fair bit of walking too.... and there were those hills and stairs in Seattle.... but there's also a fair bit of chocolate floating around at the moment too.... I was hoping the two were averaging out, but was a little concerned that maybe they weren't :) So I asked Emily if she had scales I could weigh myself on today.

She and C just use the Wii Fit to weigh in, so we decided to set me up a quick profile so that I could see if more walking or less chocolate were perhaps in order... The downside of weighing yourself on the Wii is that the Wii likes to pass judgement, and in an annoyingly sanctimonious and synthetic voice... "yooouuuu should lose weight"..... "yoooooooo're too heavy for someone sooooooo short".... etc. BUT even though the Wii did pass a little judgement, it did pronounce me 2kgs lighter than I was when I left! haha!

Pretty sure that's not actually the case - once you allow for differences in scales etc. - but still, I'll take it for now.... and I'll do a little extra walking today :)

xo Tammy


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Tammy.....the whole diet thing has gone out the window for me..... girl, fry bread, chocolate and rice have become well acquainted with me once again. So honey, you're doing fabulous. How much damage could a lil chocolate do?????Mwah Brodi

Abby said...

Lol Brodi your diet sounds fun!! Tammy yours does too, lucky you're on the run! I put on 7 kgs when I went lol!!! Keep on having fun!!! Miss you already :( xoxox

Jonny and Jessima said...

Just so you know I have been reading your blog posts, but haven't had the energy to write on them - sorry!

I read your last post feeding last night at 1.30am and it took me a good 20mins to do so, because that is how my brain functions at that hour in the morning.

I'm glad to read that you are having a great time. Keep enjoying it :) I'm so glad that you are writing on your blog, because I know when you finish your holiday you will be so glad that you kept such a wonderful record of your trip.

Lots of love,

Sandy M. said...

Brodi - how can you undermine your friend like that! For shame! :)
(AND- I hope you are having a fantabulously, magnificently, stupendously, wonderful time! I missed seeing you at church with the boys on Sunday - I miss your beautiful smile already. HOW ARE YOU? :)
Good on you Tam, for wanting to stay healthy! :) The extra walking sounds good - being able to get out and about and see everything sounds like so much fun!
We miss you too. Just keep having fun. I'm sure this trip is great for your health :)


Anonymous said...

I agree with B, a little bit won't hurt, and like you said you have been walking up all of those hills!
Mich x