Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm Not Dead Yet!

(That title should definitely be read with your best Monty Python accent....)

So I'm here, and I'm alive. By here, I mean about 100nm north of Cabo along the Baja Coast (where ever the heck THAT is), and by alive, I mean not at the bottom of the ocean. *vyew* WHAT a relief :)

I'm paying $25 for an hour for this internet time so that I can get the word out and post a little about the cruise so far. It's not cheap, but that's what I call 'giving back to my fans'. You're all very worth it, AND you're welcome :) (That was for you Bethy - lol!).

Okay. So the Carnival Elation. It's a very nice boat and I'm having a fabulous time. We left yesterday late afternoon, and the boat didn't sink. We sailed all night, and the boat didn't sink. It's 3:30pm this afternoon, and the boat still hasn't sunk. (Don't worry, I just knocked on wood), so so far, the cruise could not be going better! :) On a slightly more serious note, I actually haven't been stressed or nervous at all, so I've been really relieved. On top of that, the weather could not be more pefect, and the ocean has been breathtakingly beautiful - I keep finding myself back out on one of the decks again because I'm just enjoying gazing at it all. I've been thinking about Jessica Watson (since I love to read her blog) and I still have no idea how she does THAT, but for my couple of days at sea, I find myself really content. Blue gorgeous ocean, blue wide and wonderful skys and perfect sun with just the tiniest chill in the air (except that the chill is dissapearing quickly as we head south - that's been the only tiny bit of a let down - it's getting hot!).

The food has been really yummy, but not 'have to eat absolutely everything' which was actually a big relief. It means I won't gain the 5 pounds I felt myself gaining as I gazed at everything the first time I walked into one of the buffet rooms :)

Today is Sunday, so I've been trying to keep things a little calmer and 'Sunday' like today. It's been a lovely day. I slept in, got up, showered (rooms are really nice and spaciuos actually, and so are the bathrooms, so that's great), and spent most of the day so far talking with my friends Jenny and Brandon Lang (I think Justin and maybe Brecken and Erika are the only ones who'll remember Brandon, but he was a film major at BYU with me and we often did group projects together. Turns out he's on this cruise! I walked into the safety drill on the first day and heard a 'Tammy Munro! What are YOU doing here?!' so it's been really fun to catch up with him. And actually, you should know that while we're on the safety drill, I thought it was very efficient and informative. I know EVERYTHING I have to do if the boat sinks... I just can't remember how to get to the lifeboat I'm supposed to get to.. there were lots of stairs and corridors, and I was talking to the people around me, so I kind of forget how to get there! Jenny reckons she remembers though, so I never leave her side...).

Anyway Tomorrow and Tuesday are our 'days in Cabo'. We're very excited. Jenny and I have finally picked our excursions - we just have to book them, which we'll do shortly. Tomorrow we're planning to go ATV-ing in the Mexican desert in the morning, followed by an afternoon on a catermaran which will take us out to Lands end, and lovers beach and the sea-lion colony. And we'll have the opportunity to go snorkling in a few different bays and reefs. Then Wednesday, we're going (get this) PARASAILING! wooo-hooooo! I'm a tiny bit terrified, but very excited! I really wanted to do something adventurous on this trip, and I figure spending several minutes 600ft above the Mexican coastline harnessed to Jenny and a parashoot should cover it. Awesome, huh?! Besides, this way, for the rest of my life, I find ways to insert the following sentence into conversations: Actually, this reminds me of the time I went parasailing in Cabo... hahaha!

Okay, I'd better go. I've used up the first 30 minutes of my hour (not just on this post - I also had to check my bank account and read my comments - haha!). I will probably leave it a couple of days and then try and post again.

Love you all tons and tons!
xo Tammy

PS. Oh, yeah, and if I die, mum gets to chose who gets what - so just let her know if there's anything you'd like... :)


Abby said...

I love this post! Are you just seeing if you can get comments? :) I eagerly await the text and title... xo

Abby said...

Was it too expensive to actually write on the post because of the ship's internet fees? Glad you're alive!! :) xo

Tammy Lorna said...

hahah! Abby, I just ACCIDENTLY posted the title first :) So I had to edit and ad an actual post. I think I might ALWAYS do that though, because it was VERY exciting to realize that I had two comments the second I posted it!

xo Tammy

breckster said...

YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DIE UNTIL I SEE YOU, and probably not after that either. Last week we had two days in the upper 80s (Read hot enough to find the fans and turn the AC on.)

You are a brave woman. I'll probably never get talked into a cruise or any of those other things let alone choose to do them of my own accord.

Have fun, just make sure to get to my part of the trip.

breckster said...

OH! and brandon? strange that he is on the cruise. Is he still the same?

emilysuze said...

Sounds amazing! So glad that the ship hasn't sunk and that it seems sturdy in the night time waters. :)

Your days in Cabo sound so exciting with your ATV-ing and parasailing. Can't wait to see all of the pictures from your cruise. And have you worn the perfect dress yet? Seems like a perfect time to wear the perfect dress for all those YSA boys [insert eyebrow wiggle].


P.S. Perhaps you should add a place where we can donate to your "cruise internet fund" so you're not paying out the nose to update your blog for us!

Jonny and Jessima said...

This was a great post! I'm glad you are safe. Pity it costs so much to go on the internet, but I guess they can charge what they like, because they have no competition out in the middle of the ocean.

I wish I could go parasailing. That sounds awesome. You will have to make sure someone takes a photo of you.

I can't believe you still have another 3 weeks away. It feels like you have been gone forever!!

Jessica said...

How on earth did I manage to find two former roommates who have even the slightest hesitation to go on a cruise? Seriously, people, I can't think of a better vacation. You are both insane.

Also, parasailing is way fun. I went when I was in Cancun, and it was pretty cool--a bit terrifying at first, but definitely worth it.

I hope you're planning to post pictures at some point in time!

Sandy M. said...

Yay!!! Thanks Tammy! :) The power, actually, might help to mitigate the grief, just a little of course, so thank you again.. :)

SEE - how Jessica managed to slip in that, 'parasailing... when I was in Cancun' ! You'll be able to do that soon :) Money well spent :)

I'm glad the boat hasn't sunk. (Yet.) I'm glad you're not stressed :)
I'm glad you're loving the ocean! It's in your blood, you know! I'm glad it's beautiful :)

(You know, I'm concious that the more I write, the more it's going to cost you to read it all - so in the interests of your bank account - and your 'presents to bring the family home' account, I'm just going to close now :)

Hope it keeps being so much fun! :)


Bethany said...

I've decided that from now on if you would ever like me to comment on your blog, I will require a personal mention in your blog post to do it :) And I thank you for the mention in your last one. It did bring a smile (maybe a chuckle). :)
Oh, and I'm glad you're not dead yet! (read THAT in your best monty python accent!) I must ask someone to 'do us a favour' though sometime soon if you're keeping us all waiting too long :P (get it!?) lol, ok that's horrible, I take it back!

Cruises are the best! I LOVE boats! And I'm 100% jealous of your parasailing adventure. I'm sure I'd be jealous of your ATV-ing too if I knew what it was.

I love you very much Tammy and I agree with Jessima - it feels like you've been gone FOREVER!! Come home to me already!! I miss you! ...but I'm glad you're having a great time :) :) :)

Love Bethy xox
PS. I'm impressed that you took in anything at all in the initial safety lecture thing. I forgot to listen and then it occurred to me later that it probably would have been a good idea..

ndmunro said...

If you hear the band start to play "Nearer My God To Thee", find Jenny, find the stairs, find the lifeboat, jump in and wait.

Anonymous said...

Did i not say to you last week that you would be still be alive and kicking this time.... a lil faith PLEASE. I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying your cruise thus far but yes, just in case, take heed to Bishops counsel..... listen out for the Love you Tammy. Brodi

Anonymous said...

Oh and by the way.... miss you. Its killing me not having our lil deep n of catch up when we're both home. Love you Tammy!