Thursday, April 8, 2010

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

(I hope you read that title with the 'Tom Hanks quoting The Godfather in You've Got Mail' accent...)

It seems I owe my blogging fans a rundown of the last three days. Again, no photos - sorry! Partly because I keep forgetting to take them, and partly because when I do take them, I still look tired :) And partly because it takes ages to upload them from my camera to the computer... haha! yeah, I know, excuses excuses! But here goes the report on the week to date.

Sorry, can't really remember it - it was AGES ago... :) We got up and went to the gym around the corner. I know - funny, huh?! Peta's next door neighbour Jessica had some guest passes, so I have a free week's membership there now (although the paper pass went through the wash yesterday, so that could be a problem - but I digress!). I got on the treadmill (which I haven't done in years - at home I've been using a cross trainer). Anyway, I went 2.5 miles in 20 minutes (I hope you're all really impressed by that, by the way, because I was! Then I went and did some exercisers with weights and the exercise ball. It was nice to get a work out! Then we went home and got showered and changed etc.

By this time it was early afternoon (we may have slept in a little) so we decided to go and eat at Mimi's Cafe - which is one of my all time favourite places to eat! Not only do they make the best Caesar Salad in the world, but they also make the best (buyable) dessert on the planet: Chocolate Pecan Pie!

At least, they used to! Can you believe they no longer have it on the menu?! What's with that?! Does nothing stay the same?! Can I trust ANYTHING anymore?! :) It was sad, but not the end of the world. What WAS sad was realizing that the Caesar salad was fine, but not all that. I think I've been spoiled by the addition of egg and bacon that the Aussie Caesar Salads have :) But still good - and I had a yummy yummy pistachio salmon with artichoke raggu, so the lunch was salvaged.

After lunch we did a little shopping, and then Peta and Jenny dropped me at my friend Kalo's house. Kalo and I had SUCH a fun time catching up. She's an absolute scream and we had a blast. We caught up at her house for a while (family: remind me to tell you about the Valentines Day Dinner tradition that we will be starting next year). Then we went to FHE at her Tongan Singles ward. That's about 200 tongan YSA and one aussie palangi :) It was a lot of fun though. Oh, and I should add that it was SNOWING! ahhh! SOOO beautiful (and freezing) and still outside. From FHE, we went out for dessert, and talked for another couple of hours. I'm trying to convince her she needs to visit me at home :) Finally she dropped me home, where Peta, Jenny and I chatted for another hour before I crashed into a deep sleep....

Tuesday was my Peta and Jenny all day, day. We got up and went to the gym (again - very funny, right?!). Decided to do intervals training on the treadmill, so I wouldn't have to run as fast for as long (because I was very tired - haha!). Then we went as saw 'Dear John' at the dollar theatre. Not too bad a movie :) P & J cried the whole time. I did not :) After the movie, we went and got a massage. Ahhh! SO good :) Then we went to the mall, and shopped and had dinner before seeing 'The Last Song' at the theatre. It was TERRIBLE! Terrible people! Bad direction, terrible acting. Don't bother :) We'd had such a fun day that we really couldn't stand the thought of it finishing on such a low. So we went to see 'The Young Victoria' - which has only just come out here. A much better way to finish the day :)

Today we did not go to the gym (shock!), but I met my friend Erika for lunch at BYU - we talked for a good couple of hours and I really enjoyed it. She's such a great person to talk too - funny and intelligent and a good friend. We're both really glad blogs exist - as they're pretty much the reason we've been able to keep in touch over the last 3 years. Erika's doing her masters degree at BYU and teaching classes. All the kinds of things I would have loved to do and probably would have ended up trying to do if I'd gotten married and stayed here, so it was fun to hear about everything she's up to.

I left Erika at about 2:30pm, and headed off to pick up some things at the BYU bookstore etc. Then Derrick called, and I ended up heading out to an early dinner with him at a local mexican restaurant - where I had the fabulous mexican salad! yum yum yum! (It's a lot like cafe rio, and Derrick actually thinks it's better... he's wrong about that, but it was still fun to hang out for a bit).

I'm currently back at Peta's typing this blog entry like a mad-woman, because in a few minutes I'm heading off to the Parkin's for dessert and a good catch up. Jeff was one of my professors here at BYU, and he and his wonderful wife are so much fun to talk and laugh with. I'm looking forward to it.

Okay people! That's it for now - have to run. I'm pretty sure I'm going to need another holiday to get over THIS holiday when I get home! I'm exhausted :) But as I've said before - it's so nice to be catching up with everyone. I think I'm getting addicted to 'having friends'... maybe I'll have to make some new friends when I get back home... lol!

Love you all lots and lots and lots and lots!
xo Tammy


breckster said...

Jealous, again. You get to see all my friends. Oh, for a night at the Parkins!

Jessica said...

So I finally blogged about egg-breaking. A bit later than planned, but all the lurid details are now there.

Adlewiess said...

hehehe Tammy - I'm totally out of breath after just reading that post so I can only imagine how nackered you are or are goign to be once you stop moving!!! Sounds like a whole 'nother life - is it making you home sick for them 'college' days?? Hope you're looking forward to coming home???? hhehehhe and if you're looking for 'friends' when you get home, PICK me PICK ME!!!! hehehehhe can't wait to read more about your

Sandy M. said...

Your advice came too late for us - we saw 'the Last Song' today and couldn't agree more: terrible everything, unfortunately.
I'm glad you're having fun :)


Jonny and Jessima said...

Yay another Post!!!

It is so good to hear you that you have been going to the gym. I have always dreamed of going to one - maybe one day! But if I went I would need a personal trainer as I have no motivation to do it myself.

Keep having fun! Even though we wish you were here, we still want you to enjoy yourself. I will try to put on my blog anything exciting we do, so your not missing out.

I just stay home everyday which is fine with me. Jonny is on holidays for uni this week. I like having him home :)

Jenna is pretty good. She is getting better with her words. Jordan is adorable, but I have a feeling he has colic :( So sad.

Love ya!

Abby said...

Love the Godfather accent on your title, I was waiting for 'Tursday' :)

I'm taking your word for it and being impressed by your treadmill effort :) I remember Mimi's!!! (In Maori, 'mimi' is 'wee'...). I loved it! It was the first place I ate in America (oooh except for the Maccas in LA airport, ew!) and it was awesome! I loved the decor - restaurants in Oz don't do that much! I'm so sad for you that they don't have chocolate pecan pie anymore!! :(

I'm glad you're having some fun dinners and you're getting to catch up with such good friends!!! They sound awesome and we all are excited to meet them when they COME VISIT YOU HERE :)

Love you lots, miss you tons! xoxoxox
Um you did 3 movies on Tuesday - so very very you! I love the Young Victoria, and will avoid the one you hated.

Justin said...

Two words. Miley. Cyrus. If those aren't enough of a warning before spending your precious american dollars at the cinema I don't know what is :).

I too am jealous! Those college days and dear Provo friends! Can't wait to see you. Every time I feel guilty about spending twelve hours writing my thesis scripts I say to Brecken "less than two weeks until Tammy gets here!" I am at that point where I need time to stand still so I can finish, and time to fly so it can be over with.