Saturday, April 17, 2010

I will post again when....

Someone sends me a picture of Bethany's ring, and tell's me what is going on with her wedding...

Seriously! Older sister here - would really like some information! LOL :)

xo Tammy

PS. Am back safely in Provo. 2 sleeps till NY. My second day in Cabo was AWESOME. Lots of funny stories to tell about it as soon as my blackmail has been successful...

PPS. Mum - got your clinique email, but it was too late for Mexico :( I've got the list though, and am shopping today... leave it with me :)

PPPS. HAPPY BIRTHDAY B&O! I really wish I could be there for your party - take lots of photos for me :)


emilysuze said...

So the rest of us are going to have to suffer while you wait for a picture of Bethany's ring?


Glad you made it back to Provo safely. :)

Sandy M. said...

Well - being the stiff-neck-ed person I am, your blackmail attempt might see me never sending a picture.. except that I know you just love us and miss us, so I'd probably do it for that :) I've told Bethy about your comment, so we have to wait and see what she does. :)
As for the twin's party: it was a blast! I think everyone really enjoyed themselves. I'm sure there will be lots of photos on facebook. Luke R. was here and tooks lots of photos, and also organised a group shot (with all but about a dozen people). Abby was also great with the camera.
Thank you for the shopping :)
Have fun in NY!!! Helllloooo Cooks!! :)


Bethany said...

I would like to see how long you can hold out.
We both know each other very well (you're ridiculously curious and impatient while I am abounding in patience and completely lack curiosity) so I doubt it's anywhere near as long as I can.

Let the games begin.

I love you very much :)
Bethy xoxo
PS: Sorry, but I can't resist.

Jonny and Jessima said...

Ooh I would LIKE to hear what you have done. So Bethany... watch out! I will get my camera, take a pic and send it to Tammy!!!!

Can't wait to hear your stories!!!


Tammy Lorna said...

Thank you JESSIMA! for being the only one who loves me enough to send me a picture so I can feel like part of the family again :)

xo Tammy

breckster said...

Tomorrow! this whole black mail thing doesn't bother me that much, because you will be here tomorrow!

It will bother me if I have to refrain from blogging as well, because everyone I know knows that Tammy is coming if they know you or not, and will be checking.

Sandy M. said...

Tammy, I love you too.....


(I did spend a couple of minutes looking up 'gigantic wedding rings', or some such, on Google images - I was going to post you something to keep you happy and feeling in the loop.. I thought we could sort out the details later :) Oh, but I didn't see anything as nice as Bethy's, so... But I did try!... So, that's good, isn't it? )


Bethany said...

I was just joking :P My camera has been missing in action but I just found it so I will post a photo.
Actually I don't think I can post one, so I will send it to you :)

I was sorely tempted to just tease you but I decided that I don't want you feeling out of the loop or apart from our family because that's not nice and I love you so I want to share with you :)

Anyways so I'll send it to your hotmail. The photos aren't that great but meh.

Love you!!!
Bethstar :) xoxox

Bethany said...

Ok. I sent you the ring and some details!
I thought I was conveniently thorough in my explanations etc by the way so go me! :)
(Did you notice that? I even did the 'how I feel and why' thing with it. The sorts of things you always ask me that I just shrug about haha)
Anyways, POST ALREADY! I want to read your posts and be jealous again!
Love you :) xoxoxo