Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New York: Day One!

I'm in NEW YORK people! With BRECKEN! Ahhh, so very exciting! And of course, I'm having a fabulous time :) I started seeing stereotypes before the plane even landed, and I've been seeing them ever since - which leads me to believe that NY is actually portrayed accurately in books and movies. The Taxi ride to the CookShack was easy and interesting (Brecken had written me a paragraph of instructions about what to do and say from the second I picked up my luggage, and everything worked exactly according to plans. Even the 'and if he doesn't know where that is, tell him it's.....' which was handy, because he didn't seem to recognize their street name when I first mentioned it).

And then I finally got to hug all of the Cooks. It was so so wonderful to see them all again. Especially Brecken of course :) We stayed up talking until almost 3am, so we were a little tired the next day. Not enough to stop us from having a wonderful time though!

Day one, we decided to do the 'You've Got Mail' tour. I'll have to watch the movie again now, because some of the places we visited looked exactly like the movie, and some looked nothing like the way I remember them, so I'll need to take another look :)

B&J live on the cutest street of buildings, and I'm in NY at the 'perfect time of year' since so many of the trees are full of blossoms at the moment. So I'm a lucky girl.

1) We rode the subway. (That's not really an official stop on the tour, but I thought it was cool, so it gets a mention)

2) Verdi Square. This is the 'I hope your mango is ripe' bench conversation. It's really pretty with tulips etc. at the moment. Ohh, and it's right next to Hugh Grant's building in 'Music and Lyrics'. Justin says there's an establishing shot of the square - so I'll have to watch that movie too I guess :)

3) Grays Papayas Hotdogs. Okay, so these aren't from 'You've Got Mail', but they are from lots of other movies (Fools Rush In), and they were YUMMY! Even though they're only little hotdogs, you end up craving them a few hours later. And then again the next day. As in, I could use one RIGHT NOW. B and I aren't completely convinced that they don't put some sort of illegal addictive substance in those hotdogs...

4) Crumbs. Again, not from You've Got Mail - but a good dessert for our hotdogs lunch :) They sell yummy cupcakes there. Justin chose perfectly, because his had a chocolate filling. I chose pretty well, because mine was ALL chocolate on the outside, but then had a vanilla filling *sigh*. But don't worry everyone, because I'm 'watching my weight' (hahahaha), I left the filling....

5) Zabaras. I LOVE this little store. It is SOOO cool. They ONLY sell cute gormuet brands here. Bethany would starve and I would never stop smiling. Grocery shopping is fabulous at the best of times, but this takes that hobby to a whole new level. We bought some olives for a snack and dinner. Not too many - but it was just so fun to pick them. Oh, and then I went through the 'cash only' line... Since Tom Hanks wasn't there, I paid with the cash in my wallet.

6) H & H Bagels. This is the neighbourhood bakery with a cloud of flour. Great place, but really hot inside since they're cooking the bagels :) We got some to have for dinner last night - very very yummy dinner.

7) Cafe Lola. "Oh yes, she's very pretty" "I knew she was. She had to be!"
I fell in love with the inside of this cafe - it looks exactly like it does in the movie. In fact this place was only place that I recognized immediately. (Don't they know they're supposed to have a last name? It's like an entire generation of cocktail waitresses!). We're going to try and head back there for dinner one night - maybe before we see a show... (Which, by the way, is going to be tricky. I kind of want to see tens and twenties of shows on Broadway!)

8) The boat basin - where the Foxes keep their boats. "Hello New Jersey!" It's actually part of Riverside Park - which I LOVE by the way.

9) And then Riverside park - where they finally meet in the last scene of the movie. And as I mentioned above, I LOVE this park. It's huge - my guess would be that it would take you an hour to walk all the way all it (but I could be wrong of course!). It's long and narrow and runs along the shore of the Hudson. This is the 'neighbourhood' park, as opposed to the 'tourist park' that is Central Park... well, that's what I'm told anyway. Lots of joggers, and nanny's with strollers, and readers on park benches.

Brecken let me try my hand at photography - which is a LOT of fun with a nice camera :) I took lots and lots of very average photos, but managed to also take that last one with the tulips - so pretty!

Okay, so that's our day. We were tired by the end of the day, and then of course we stayed up late trying to plan the rest of my holiday (we'll know everything for sure once we visit broadway tomorrow and decide on show/s... (that's right, I added an S... lol!).

Oh, and before I go, I should probably add that all of the You've Got Mail locations take place on the Upper West Side - which is EXACTLY where I'll live I'm ever super rich and living in NY. I LOVE it :)

xo Tammy


Sandy M. said...

So now you're going to live in NYC? Sigh.

It sounds like you had a wonderful day!! It's late here so I am off to bed, but I'm looking forward to hearing more tomorrow. Hugs and kisses to you all! :)


Keith and Cathy Atkinson said...

Ok so I have read all these blogs and had jsut a tiny twinge of 'Oh why isnt it me over there" but this is really not fair. I want to go to NY and see some shows or even just one :-) You are having the best of times Tammy Just go for it and thanks for those lovely very detailed daily updates. almost makes up for no t being there ourselves. I can still feel the tingles in my feet after the parasailing.I was just talkin gto Bec [hence the late hour} she is off to hospital in a few hours to have baby no.3 should be all over when i wake up so I really do wish I was over there at least in Rigby.

Keith and Cathy Atkinson said...

Ps I htought I was going to be first Ny comment was just too long :-)

breckster said...

Gray's is in You've Got Mail, but in a montage scene. I LOVE having you here!

Jennsie said...

Oh wow your pictures are amazing! And it looks like you are having soo much fun! I'm glad this trip is being really fun for you. I LOVE the pictures. Brecken you are an amazing photographer, you should teach me sometime! I just love your pictures. I can't wait to hear more of your trip. Oh and guess what, the Valcano has errupted again. LOL looks like I will laugh if i'm stuck here more than next tuesday. :)

emilysuze said...

Sounds like a lovely first day in the big city!

P.S. What cute capri pants you have :)

Abby said...

Fabulous!!!!! I can't wait to watch 'You've Got Mail!' with you when you get home, and hear all about the places you visited!! I think I need a Grays hotdog or 3 myself!! I know everyone seems to say it's gross, but I LOVED the food in America lol :) Miss you, love hearing about what you're doing! 'Hi' to the Cooks :) xo

Sandy M. said...

I've just realized that I am never going to actually hear the dialogue in 'You've Got Mail' ever again, am I?... :)


Tammy Lorna said...

Nope! But Mum, you already KNOW the dialogue, so you don't need it.

I'll give you information you DON'T already know - so you'll love it, and learn HEAPS.

You're welcome :)

xo Tammy

Bethany said...

I love all the pictures!!
Especially that second last one of you with the white flowers in the background.
And the one of you at the boat basin. And those two of you and Reuben with the pink tuplips behind you. I love them all :)
I'm glad you're having the best time!!
Love you lots :)
PS. You mean to tell my that they had no burgers and fries at Zabaras?? What about ice-cream cones?

Brodi Te Hira said...

Ok so now I'm official a member of this blogging busy which i theory should mean that I'll be commenting more on your blog. Having said that...i stil need to learn how to use this thing becos I'm sure i just spent the last 5 minutes writing a lovely lil message about how wonderful your last blog entry was and now its not on here. Who knows if this comment will even reach your page....lol. Anyway wish me luck, you look fantastic Tammy, i miss you though, hurry up and come home....lol Mwah

Jonny and Jessima said...

Hey Tammy!

I read your blog ages ago, but wasn't in a position to comment at the time. I think when you get back we definitely need a 'You've Got Mail' movie night!

Guess what? I got the New Moon DVD. I'm very predictable I know. Also my NEW dinner nights are Wednesday ;)

Can't wait to read the next Tammy installment!

Love Jessima

Jonny and Jessima said...

P.S. If I don't make sense, its because I'm tired!