Monday, April 14, 2008

Does this work?

Okay, this is just a test to see if:

a) This posting thing works, and

b) If anyone will read my blog and comment.

SO if this works, and you plan to read and comment on this blog, then leave me a comment! (one with lots of encouragement, so I actually post again!)

xo Tammy


Jessica said...

Yea! Now I can leave comments on your blog instead of on Brecken's and Emily's. I'm way excited. Blogs rule!

emilysuze said...

I had to find out about your blog through Jenny's blog! You cheeky, cheeky cow!

I'm very excited for your own blog so that we can find out what the exciting Tammy is doing on the other side of the world!

Jessica said...

Emily, to be fair, she did leave a comment on your last post with a link to her blog...

Tammy Lorna said...

Yeah Emily, I did leave it on your blog too!.... :)

Okay, so you two are excited, that's good :) You might be a little less excited when you realise just how boring my life is though!


xo Tammy

emilysuze said...

In my defense...I checked for new blog comments this morning, and there were none. Then I read Jenny's blog this afternoon and saw Tammy's blog address. Wrote my note about not getting the notice. Then I noticed the new comment on my blog...whoops! :)

Jennsie said...

I actually checked your blog yesterday and noticed the new design. Which I like by the way. I got all excited because I realised yo hadn't forgotten about it. I'm soo excited for your posts!
I want to hear all about the big and little things that happen to you or just thoughts you have. Miss you tons!

breckster said...

Here is my comment...

I look forward to reading comments from Tammy on My blog, Jessica's Blog, Emily's Blog, and Jenny's Blog. (I check those blogs for their posts too... but I'm just saying I like any contact I can get.) It would be really fabulous to read something from Tammy that wasn't a response. I am ready. Bring it on. I will even be as faithful as commenting on your posts as you have been on commenting on mine.

But we all know the post I am most looking forward to is your visit to New York. :)

Tammy Lorna said...

Yeah Brecken - that's the post that I'm most looking forward to as well!

So this is funny, but I'm more comfortable 'commenting' on my own blog then actually writing 'posts'! I think I feel like posts have to be substantial, but comments can just be off the cuff, and I like off the cuff.

I've been trying to decide on my 'first real post' topic, and I have lots of ideas, but nothing seems weighty enough for the 'first comment on my new blog'.

Topic ideas so far are: My new car (it's one week old!), My trip to Perth to see Jenny, replying to the 'tag' I got from Brecken, the new Missy Higgin's CD I've been listening to in the car, a whole bunch of really cool lightening I saw on the way home last nightv which almost made me and 30,000 other motorists crash (I actually have a few questions to ask about lightening - I sort of suspect Jess will be the one to answer them), Jonny's 24th birthday party on Saturday night, work, introducing Brisbane (that post would read like a travel brochure, because I want you all to come visit), my soon-to-be neice or nephew (they're arriving in September)... the list actually goes on for a bit longer than that!


Maybe we could just add comments to this post forever!

What do you think?!


xo Tammy

Peta said...

OK!!! Tammy, I am excited for what you have to say too. I love reading everyone's blogs, when I have a chance... even though I don't leave comments. Doesn't mean I don't read them.

Sara said...

Your car should be named Fidget. Fidge for short. :)