Friday, April 18, 2008

Judge's feedback to date....

Isn't this fun?! :) Those are some great suggestions.

Right now, I'm leaning towards Errol and Tallulah (notwithstanding Jonny's "Two dollar hooker" concern). I think they're both pretty great.

Flipper, Dolly and Jolly (honestly Jonny!) are all OUT! because I hate the dolphins! (I'll let you all know how the blow-dryer thing goes...)

Emily's comment makes me think that 'Wilson' might actually be a good name for a car too - then I could yell 'Willllssooooonnnnn' whenever I forget where I've parked it in the carpark (which happens ever so occasionally...)

Now Jenny, I'm all for remembering the prophets, but what if the car breaks down and I get annoyed with it? or I go weeks without washing it? I don't think I could handle the guilt!

Justin - were you actually suggesting that I name a car 'Monty Python's Flying Circus'? I'm not going to say 'no' just yet (it's a rather intriguing suggestion), but I'd like a little further information on where you were going with that thought... haha!

And now Jess: Please tell me how to pronounce 'Rawgnild'.... I don't know if I like it or not, because I can't actually say it out loud ;) Maybe spell it out for me like they do with people's names at the back of the Book of Mormon... Jenny, dido on the 'Cessel' suggestion. Should that be pronounced 'Cecil'?

I've decided this competition will close in 3 days by the way, as every competition (especially prominant international ones) should have a deadline, so keep the suggestions coming!

And Mum, that means you're going to have to get a blog login within the next two days...

xo Tammy

PS. Abby. I'm not having a blonde child. If I get one, I'll assume there was some kind of mistake made 'up above' and donate the poor thing to you and James....


Jonny said...

Ok, i understand that you don't understand how good my first suggestions are, so i'll let it go. Decided to throw a couple of other suggestions out there.

1st - Arial. There are a few reasons this would be good. Firstly it's a girls name. The whole reason people name their cars was because of the movie gone in 60 seconds (which i loves by the way!) Because it was their idea, i really think it's fair to play by their rules. Their rules are #1 - it has to be a girls name, and #2 - ....nope, that's about it. It's not hard to follow, but you'll feel good if you play within the rules. (And you're in film, so you should have some sense of loyalty to those others in your industry that had the idea!)
The second reason i think this would have a good idea, is the origin. Ariel comes from Spanish (I know you can speak some spanish!!) and it means "A smooth ride, fit for a firstborn." It also sounds like Errol (which you liked) and it's a girls name. It ticks all the boxes!! Girls name, very appropriate meaning, and it sounds like something you like!!

If you're gonna ditch this one (which would be a silly idea!!) The only other thought i had was cool runnings, which means "peace be the journey!!" The bobsled was black too!!

Good luck with making the RIGHT decision!!

Jessica said...

Rawgnild is pronounce "Rahg-nild" First part rhymes with hog, second part rhymes with build. And I don't honestly think you should name your car that. I just couldn't think of anything good for you, so I thought I'd suggest the most hideous name I could think of.

Gayle said...

How about Fritz? No reason in particular. Or Rudyard? Perhaps you could honor your native land and name it Roo or something. I liked Grover from your original post actually. It was my Grandpa's name. And Chester was my most favorite cat--you can name your car after him.

Tammy Lorna said...

Jonny - are you sure you want to be a dentist? I'm thinking you should be a lawyer :) I'll consider Ariel, but I'm still concerned that it denotes the ocean and all things therein (including dolphins!)... I love your comments though :) Keep them coming, and tell Jessima to make a suggestion!
xo Tammy

Tammy Lorna said...

Jess, I started saying 'Rahg-nild' out loud, but then realized that you and I probably pronounce 'Hog' slightly differently.
I can't believe we thought we could solve the pronounciation issue by relying on 'it ryhmes with' clues! You and I have a terrible history of 'rhyming words'! Don't you remember the quote wall?!

xo Tammy

PS. Gayle! Welcome! I'm so excited you're commenting - and I really love your suggestions :)

breckster said...

My vote is still for Tallulah.

I understand where Jonny's reasoning comes from, but if we had to avoid the use of any name that reminded us of questionable lady's in the movies we'd have to through out: Vivian, which happen to be lovely name, and by extension Julia, and Hazel and Henry, which are pretty nice as well.

But if it can't be Tallulah, I would also be willing to ride in a Petulla or Arial (but I would have to sing her "KEEP SINGING!!!" song everytime I got in it, or her "Betcha on land, they understand, and they don't repremand their daughters." song.

Jessica said...

bog, cog, dog, fog, agog, hog, jog, log, smog, blog, frog, know how the doctor says, "Say ah"? That's the vowel sound. Not that it matters. It's a horrible name anyway.

Gayle said...

Hi back at ya.
Oooh I'm liking the Hazel thing Brecken wants to throw out.

Jessica said...
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emilysuze said...

I'm going to throw in for the name Wilson. I like Errol, but who doesn't also like to say "Willlsssooon!"

Especially if you're in a large car park and can't find your car?!?

Think about it.

Jonny said...

Tammy, If you're so determined to conect the name ariel to the sea, then think of her i realtion to King Triton! She comes from the royal family, which means they rule over all other things in the ocean. This includes dolphins, which gives great symbolism, that your car isn't ruled by the dolphins, but rather is in charge. If that isn't working for you, then you could say that Ariel didn't like the dolphins either and wanted to get rid of them by becoming a land dwelling creature. Then you and your car (Ariel) would have something in common.

I just realised half way through that i've been spelling Ariel with an e or and a (Arial and Ariel). I don't mind which way it is, but maybe this spot shouldn't be about what to call the car, but rather how to spell the name!

Oh, and by the way, i don't think i would want to be a lawyer. They're too manipulative!!!


Justin said...

For your enjoyment--the episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus that I glossed for Darl's class (and for all you Aussie's out there--he was a darl)--it featured Petullah Clark in some random way that I can't remember right now.

PS--I met Stanley Tucci on Friday and Isabella Rosselini's best frind who is a film editor named was at a screening of Staneley's touching yet very depressing film "Blind Date"

Tammy Lorna said...

Jonny - Flattery will get you everywhere my boy :)

Justin - Stanley Tucci?! Cool! I love him :)

Emily - Willllllsosooooonnnnnnn! :)

xo Tammy

Sandy M. said...

I love Fritz! (not the sausage, but the name.) Tammy Tammy, let's call it Fritz! I'm practicing saying it already... "Tammy, are you bringing Fritz to the picnic?"
(Also: Fritz-German-onceEnemy-Black, kind of works too. And, it's reminiscent of The Sound of Music, which not only is appropriate for you, but you visited (or almost visited) the house used in the movie, didn't you Tammy? You know, give us a moment or two and I think we could find potently meaningful ties to almost any name we liked.)
Jonny - I've been around and was naming cars since a loong time before 'Gone in 60 Seconds', and the rules in fact are that - #1 You can use either a male or a female name, and that #2 Whatever your mother says is right. Most of the time.
If you're not going for Fritz, Tammy,(but isn't it growing on you?), my vote is for Errol. Errol Flynn was Australian.. he was very charming and a complete rascal, so the black works. I like Errol. The name too.
Gayle, I also like 'Roo, so if I was the judge you'd be looking pretty good for the International prize right about now. (Is there a prize, by the way? Now there's something really worth making suggestions about..)
Tammy, does it seem strange to you that I am commenting on your blog when I could just talk to you at home? This feels almost surreptitious..
This whole blog thing is new to me. I am a first-timer. I haven't quite worked out how the comments work, as in - how do you know which comment came first? I'll have to get you to show me properly, Tammy.
Meanwhile - G'day to Jessica, Justin, Emilysuze, Breckster and others. I was kind of interested in calling myself another name for the purposes of this blog,(never having been a huge fan of my own), but Tammy said I had to use my proper name. I was leaning toward Samantha. Or FairyChild. Perhaps Eunice....

Tammy Lorna said...

I like Eunice.

xo Tammy