Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Name that car!

Last week, after a year and a half, I finally bought a car! Yay!

For the last year and a half, I've been driving my brother Michael's extra car. Now, I know it's not normal for someone to have an 'extra car' but Micky did, and it's been very convenient :) He had a car, he bought another car, and just as he was about to sell his existing car, I came home. He very kindly said 'Drive my extra one until I sell it, or until you get a car' and here we are - a year and a half later!

So finally, last week, after a year and a half, I bought a car! Yay!

Now, it's nothing flash, just a small second hand car, but it had low mileage (which is apparently important) and it's only a four cylinder (which apparently means I won't have to spend much money on Petrol) and Jonny (the brother who came with me to make sure I didn't buy a dud) said it looked 'clean under the hood' (I'm all for cleanliness) and last but not least, it's a cute little car (which was my criteria).

Now, the car only has ONE problem - it has these horribly ugly dophin decals on the side of the car (as you can see in the above picture). I thought 'really? dolphin decals? That's a shame I liked this car... I guess I'll have to look for another one'. But Jonny said it was a stupid reason to not buy an otherwise perfectly good car. So here I am, stuck with dolphins on the side of my car. *sigh* I'm sort of hoping that sometime soon they'll get stuck in tuna nets and I won't have them on the side of my car anymore.... *gasp*

Now, I'll figure out how to get rid of the dolphins, but I need your help to name my car. Every good car needs a name so that instead of 'I'm going to take the Lanos' you can say 'I'm going to take Grover, or Toby, or Nellie' etc. So far, the only real name I've come up with is 'Flipper' and since I'm trying to move away from the dolphin thing, I need a different name.

So let the games begin! Take a look at the car, and send me your name ideas. I don't have a 'prize' as such for the winner, but just think, I'll announce that your suggestion was the winnning suggestion, and then you'll be able to say that they won an international competition!


Can't wait to hear you ideas :)

xo Tammy


James & Abby said...

Tammy it's like when you have a kid. You can't change the fact that it may have blonde hair (that's a dream I've had for years, you ending up with a blonde kid). (okay it suddenly occurs to me that you can in fact, change the hair colour of your child.... but, to continue with my slightly off and rather badly made point, and regardless of the fact that you can change a child's hair colour,) you can't change the fact that your car has dolphins on it.

SO, embrace it! :) Call it Flipper!!!

breckster said...

Tallulah (Female) American Indian meaning Leaping Water. And if the meaning didn't get you. And plus it sounds like a grandma name which seems to be a pattern when you are naming cars.

But if for some reason you think this car is a man (I think her hips are too shapely to be a man) you could name it Errol it means "to wander" and you could think of Errol Flin because he was a pirate or robin hood and both those things make me think of dolphins. (but it sounds like there might be a car named that by the manufacturers.)

Once I heard that if you had a hot hair drier and blew it at the decals they would come off... but that doesn't make sense because I'm betting a day in the hot sun gets hotter than a hair drier ever could.

Jennsie said...

LOL, it's funny, before i got to the part that said you didn't want to name it flipper, that's the name I thought of.

Not sure about Earl though, makes me think of the Dixie Chicks song, Earl must die.

Ok, now about the name of your favourite Prophet. First or last name either works. See I figured, when you get behind the wheel of the car, you are putting your life into it's hands. It steers you down many roads, some good and some bad. Journeys are full of perails, so if you do as the prophets advise, obey the laws of the land, that is one added measure of safety. Yea I know now i'm just babbling. But think it's a cool idea, like I'm going to drive Gordan today. Or where is Hinckley parked? What do you think.... But make it your favourite prophet.

emilysuze said...

I'm horrible at naming things. All of my dolls from childhood years would switch names on a weekly basis.

Our puppies also went through a couple of names before we fixed on one for each.

My poor children someday are just going to be "girl wilson" or "boy wilson" for weeks before I figure it out! lol

In the meantime, I was going to say that I like the name Yancey. Then you could call him, Yancey Pants; however, I really like Brecken's suggestion of Errol. It just seems to fit the car and fit you. But that's me.

Justin said...

Brecken's suggestion of Tallulah reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock's "Lifeboat"--it involves the ocean, a small but sturdy vessel, and this sassy self-starter played by Tallulah Bankhead. Or I actually had thought of Petula--like Petula clark--and I thought of Monty Python's Flying Circus--which of course involves complete randomness and there's not necessarily any sort of through-line.

James & Abby said...

I've changed my vote to Tallulah :)

Jonny said...

Hey, Before i get started, let me say: GET OVER THE DOLPHINS!!! Ok, now that i have that off my chest, let me start by giving my disapproval of the name Tallulah. Hasn't anyone seen cool runnings? There was an inappropriate reference about that name that will no doubt come to my head every time i hear it.

I'm gonna stick with Dolly! While i agree with abby, you need to embrace the dolphins, I think a name like flipper brings unnecessary attention to them, and you're defining the car by the dolphins. Dolly puts it in there, but doesn't scream out DOLPHINS!!! I can make up some cool story about the origin of that name if it helps. (also tell me what country you want the origin to be!)

If by any chance you do kill the dolly idea, then go with Jolly, because it sounds close, but starts with a cooler letter!!

Jessica said...

Name it Rawgnild. There's a girl in my neighborhood named Rawgnild. I find that a bit disturbing, but I think it would make an excellent name for your car.

Jennsie said...

How about Herbie :) Just kidding!

I used to call mine steed. Just thought it was cool name. You could try that name. I should probably come up with a name for my new one.

If your car is slow, try calling it an old grampa kind of name like Cessel. Or you could call it after jonny as he helped you find the car. That way you can, depending on your mood, say it was Jonny's fault you have the dolphin car, or you can say it's was Jonny that helped me find this wonderful car.

It will be interesting to read what you decide.

bethany said...

Let me just start by saying this: you want the name of your car to reflect its beautiful personality. So I have a great name!!
your car is small, unassuming, modest, cute, happy, speedy, AND dolphins = swimming loving, which = fun loving :D.
Soooo, i looked up on the net all the meanings of names and guess what i found!!
honest, its brilliant dont u think!! :)
and u cud even call it beth, or bets or hottie for short! :D:D:D

......ok so i told a little white lie :S. I did look up my name meaning so i cud stun u with its appropriateness (if thats not a word already it shud be cos its cool :) ) but all it said was "house of figs". :S:S
Now i thought of playing with that for a while and how that could appeal to u but i came up with zilch. :S. So next i looked up 'beth' and even 'anne' cause thats kind of like 'any' but they were both jus stemming from my name of 'hannah' - go figure.

ANYWAYS in the end i decided to run with jonny's idea and jus make up my meaning! Not that my meaning isn't relevant and appropriate :D

ok, point of this pointless comment..
.....i think i forgot :S

but i think you should call the car Bethany :D Its just got a nice ring to it, don't you think? (MOVIE!!!)

anyways, hit back with your comment of approval and in the meantime I LOOVE YOU!!!
beth xoxox

Tammy Lorna said...

Bethany. I'm not naming the car after you. You make you let you drive it all the time if it's got your name.

I totally know what you're up to!

xo Tammy

bethany said...

Tammy, reread ur comment. It hardly makes any sense. Lol