Sunday, April 27, 2008

Since we're talking and all...

I had a hard time thinking of things to write for my last post (the one I posted about 3 minutes ago), but now that we've started talking, I can think of lots of things to say! So I thought we should chat for just a few more minutes.

1) The car. I know, I know. The international competition is supposed to have been decided already! But the problem is that I can't make up my mind! Anyone who's ever had to go out to dinner with me to a restaurant that doesn't have Ceasar Salad on the menu, knows that I have a hard time with decisions - and the more trivial the question at hand, the more of a struggle the decision is! I'm aware that Tallulah is currently winning, but I'm pretty sure I don't like that one. In my head, I think I'm down to Wilson, Errol and Fritz. And right now, the poor car is going to have to have a first, middle and last name because I can't pick. The problem of course, is deciding which name should come first... I like Wilson because I like the whole 'Willlllsssooooonnnn' thing. I like Errol because he was a swashbuckling Aussie/Hollywood pirate devil and Fritz is just kinda cool. (I'm sorry Jonny - I realize that they're all boys names, but I just don't like Ariel....)

Anyway, the GOOD news is that the dolphin decals on the side of the car come off! I pulled some off today, and they don't actually cause any problems with the paint at all - wonderful news :) They do leave behind a little sticky residue that's hard to clean though, so it's a bit of a pain staking process that you get bored with half way through. Right now, my car has dolphins on one side, and none on the other. And the fact that one side has no dolphins is actually due to the fact that my brother (saint Michael) came out and finished pealing them off that side of the car after I got bored and wandered off. If it wasn't for him, I'd have one side of the car in dolphins, and the other side half in dolphins... Thank you Micky!

2) Last night, we had the twin's 16th birthday party. It was fun. They had a group of friends come over, and I led them through a series of games out in the back yard for a while. They were pretty dorky games, but the kind that are fun because they're so dorky: Musical Chairs, Donut on a string, Countries, Blind Man's Bluff, 3 legged races (with a twist), etc. etc. I have to admit my favourite part of the games was when they were playing body letters (they have to make words or letters with their bodies, and we pick the team we can read the best), and I had both teams trying to create a giant letter T for Tammy :)

.... Shortly after that I stepped down as games master and sent them off to eat dinner. The power was obviously going to my head....

The twins have a really lovely group of friends, and I really enjoyed seeing them have a good time. At Family Home Evening last week, everyone had decided that at their party, we'd sing Ben happy birthday first, and then 7 minutes later (because Oliver was born 7 minutes after Ben) we'd sing it again. We thought it was a great idea! So last night, following the plan, we sang Ben Happy Birthday. The problem is (and Oliver pointed this out only tonight mind you) that we actually forgot to come back and sing to Oliver 7 minutes later!

Sorry Oli!

3) This blog, by the way, almost got me killed late last week. I was driving home from work, and I was trying to think of something I could put up on my blog so you would all feel like you share my life, and I thought it might be kinda cool if I could take some photos of my 'drive home' so that you'd know what that's like. So I reached over and got my camera, and held it up in front of me as I was driving. What you would have seen if the photos had worked out (which they didn't) was only cars and lights on a dark freeway, so I'm not sure where I was going with this one, but know that I was thinking of you all. Instead, I swerved over the road a few times, and ended up with photos of either my reflection in the windscreen (I was frowning - obviously not ready for the next life just yet), and photos of squiggly lights from the street and car lights all around me.

I suppose that it would be a little more accurate to say that "This blog, by the way, almost killed several innocent commuters on their way home from work last week"... Luckily, all involved were safe.

Well, I could keep talking, but I should probably get to bed. Know that I love you all, and hope you're doing well.

xo Tammy


bethany said...

ok so i kno i could just walk 15 metres and tell u this to your face but i know u love comments n i DID tell u i would come on ur blog and leave u a comment so here goes.
Tammy, i thought you did a really good job with the games at ben n oli's bday party :D
ps. another plus, i get to be the first one to leave a comment! woot :D

Jennsie said...

LOL, I love how you are having a conversation with us.

I too have choosen wilson, but it didn't seem to be the popular vote. I'm glad you are in agreement with which is best.

Oh next time why don't you pull to the side of the road and take the pictures safely. just a couple very pretty picture need do. :)

breckster said...

I heard that WD40 is good for removing sticky messes, well I know it works, I just don't know if it works with dolphin decal left overs on a car that should be named Errol Fritz Wilson. or Fritzerrol Wilson.

I think I might name my next child Fritzerrol if you don't use it. Fritzerrol Cook. I might even get him some dolphin decals. My next child is not even a twinkle in my eye yet so you may have to remind me.

Tammy Lorna said...

Fritzerrol Wilson? I LOVE it :) And don't worry, we can both use the name. I have a cousin who's six months older than me, and we're both named Tammy, so I think that could work...

xo Tammy

PS. Jenny - I do prefer the conversations where you all talk back, but I think the Tammy-does-all-the-talking ones could probably grown on me too... haha!

Jessica said...

And you thought you wouldn't be dedicated enough to have a blog...and here you are, writing three posts in one night, and generally being highly amusing. I'm feeling like a very undedicated blogger at the moment. Anyway, I like Fritzerrol Wilson. I think you should definitely go with that.

Gayle said...

I'm so excited that MY "Fritz" is in the running even if it has to share with Errol.