Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Grandma's Two Cents...

My Grandma's been trying to put an entry up on my blog, but she's got a new computer (a mac!) and has been having trouble with the computer. In a last ditch effort, she's emailed me her comment so I could read it and post it for her. When I read it through, however, I thought it was such a great comment that it deserved to be a post!

Thanks Grandma!
xo Tammy


Hi Tammy, I enjoyed all you put into your Blog, even deciding to enter your competition, so the below are 7 name suggestions for your new addition:

1) 'Baby' is a cute, lovable name for your first. Humanizing your close escort, demonstrates a warmth that brings a bonding not metallic. Also, instead of calling "Wilsoooooon" (it is too stodgy), when 'Baby' is lost, you could call out "Baby, come to mummy". Who would ever frown around a baby?

2) The name "Hello' is friendly; it would save much embarrassment if you lost her in the car park. You could just call out "Hello" while waving your arm. It is more than likely many people would respond likewise thinking you were greeting them. By the time they found out you were not their long lost friend, you would have at least been given a greeting.

3) When I viewed your baby, I didn't see dolphin wings, I saw curveaceous waves. So you could name baby 'Wavy', while greeting her likewise always in a friendly gesture. A friendly salute.

4) If you chance to meet a frown do not let it stay, quickly turn it upside down and smile that frown away; how about naming your first child - 'Smiles' ? It might start an infectious epidemic - how wonderful!

5) When I viewed the photograph on your Blog of the two feet in some car, I thought of a good name - 'Tootsie'. It is a musical name, and you wouldn't need to call out 'Tootysie'; you could just sing 'Toot Toot Tootsie' - you do know the song don't you? What a happy thought, each time you both went out. It is an appropriate name, owing to her being the feet for your travels together.

6) The registration of baby's birth has the letters GWA on record. Perhaps this is the symbolic meaning - GRAN WINS APRIL. Now, I'm not implying that I'm going to win your car, but I am hoping that I will win the competition with any one of my submitted names. The name 'April' would be in keeping with her birth month, likewise mine is in April; therefore, GWA as depicted is appropriate if I were a winner.

7) It seems I have naturally accepted your baby is a female, and why not? Finally, my last suggestion is the name 'Bubbles' It is so fluid, so effervescent - so alive and invigorating! 'Bubbles' is just so happy, wanting to get up, up and away: Your grand dad and I called our FJ Holden 'Bubbles', with nothing ever bursting. It is an uplifting name. Do you agree?

Well there you have it Tammy, maybe you like one of these names to christen my first GREAT GRAND DAUGHTER: 'BABY', 'HELLO', 'SMILES', 'WAVY', 'TOOTSIE', 'APRIL' or 'BUBBLES'. I have named my little car 'LADYBIRD' (she is black and red).

Love from Gran xox


Neil Munro said...

good one grandma

Jennsie said...

Tammy, I have to say, I actually like some of your Grandma's suggestions. My favourite is Bubbles, Baby, and Tootsie :)

Mind you everytime I hear you call our baby, the line comes to mind "nobody puts baby in the corner" :)

Peta said...

OK... so I am finally writing a comment, mostly out of procrasination of not wanting to study. Anyway I really enjoyed your grandma's suggetions as well. My favorites are Bubbles, Baby and #1 for me is april...kinda fitting as she was bought in April, and is girly and very cute, quite fitting I say.

bethany said...

i think you shud call it Baby. That way if it ever goes missing on fraser island you can yell out 'a dingo stole me Baby!!'

but actually i like bubbles. its cute...like it can't eat properly yet :)

Gayle said...

Your grandma sounds like a kick!

Jennsie said...

I laughed so hard at Bethany's comment, "Dingo stole my baby"

Peta, now how about you write on my blog. I think you have only ever written a comment once.

Erika Hill said...

Tammy! You have a car! And a blog! :) It's fun to read how you're doing!

We've got a blog too-- brenterika.blogspot.com. How's life?